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Its Thursday and I promised y'all a #communityovercompetition post! Today you get to meet Janelle with Dear Darcy Photography! As she'll tell you we just recently met at creative business retreat and I completely fell in love with her heart and her business! (Heads up she's a Jane Austen fan if you haven't guessed yet- so what girl doesn't love that!) I wont give any more away, I'm going to let her tell you all about who she is, what she does and give you a sneak peek into her life! Meet Janelle!

Hey all!

I’m Janelle, the owner and lead photographer of Dear Darcy Photography! I met Lindsey (the owner of Face Forward) at a creative entrepreneur retreat and absolutely loved hearing about her passion for skin care, make up, and hair! It also made my heart happy to hear her talk about the relationship between her and her brides and grooms. So many hair and makeup artists go in, get the job done, and leave, but you can tell Lindsey genuinely cares for her clients before, during, and after their wedding date! I promise she didn’t tell me to mention her in this post, but I just had to!!

Anyway, as I said, I’m Janelle – wedding photographer, wife, avid reader, and mommy to three little furbabies. I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  When I was in college, I had the opportunity to study a semester abroad in the Middle East and knew I wanted a nice camera to document those 3.5 months.  I bought an entry level Canon DSLR and the rest is history!  Even though I didn’t know half as much about my camera that I do now, I immediately knew that photography would forever have a place in my heart.

Throughout the rest of college, I would often have my camera in hand.  I did a couple of my friends’ senior photos and even an engagement session all while I was still trying to figure things out. I am forever grateful to my friends who trusted in my from the beginning to capture such monumental times in their lives. 

After I graduated, I married my husband, Jeremy, in the fall.  He already lived in Florida, so I moved 11 hours away from home to join him in the Sunshine State. While our time in Florida was short, I shot many families and kids, but I also shot my first solo wedding. From that time on, I was sold. I had always wanted to try wedding photography but was so intimidated by other wedding photographers talking about how stressful it was and seeing people doing it just for the money. I shied away from weddings for those reasons.  I didn’t want to take on a job or project just for the money or if it wasn’t going to be enjoyable for me.  I wanted to photograph weddings to capture the joy of the day and to give the bride and groom documented memories that they could pass down for generations.

Dear Darcy Photography

Dear Darcy Photography

When Jeremy and I moved to North Carolina to be closer to family, he was so supportive of me rebranding to Dear Darcy Photography and only advertising for weddings, engagements, and sweetheart sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love families and kiddos, but it brings me so much joy to find two people who fell in love.  Everyone is so unique and I love getting to know my clients’ stories and what makes their relationship unique. The relationship between a bride and groom and their wedding vendors is so intimate and I am honored each time I meet with a couple to talk about their wedding day.

So many people ask me why I chose Dear Darcy, and I love it when I’m asked.  I get to explain my reasoning behind it and they can get a peek into why I am passionate about wedding photography.  Pride & Prejudice was the first book I really fell in love with and read over and over.  The love that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy had is what I idealized. Even though their relationship wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, their love triumphed in the end to what I like to imagine was a blissful marriage.  I chose the “Dear” part because writing letters was so vital in Jeremy and my relationship when we were long distance.  I wrote him a letter a day for the semester I studied abroad.  The letters he gave me to take on the trip always reminded me that no matter what I learned about myself on the trip or how I changed, he would be back home waiting for me when I returned. The name encompasses so much of who I am and who I want to be.

But I also want my clients to view me as a “normal” person, just like them! It’s so easy to portray having a perfect life on social media, especially on business pages. But I am a person too! I promise I don’t lounge around all day reading Jane Austen! Our house is normally a little cluttered, I’m a major introvert, I could eat ice cream for every meal, and I watch a lot of Netflix while editing photos. 

My husband and I are both a little nerdy and love playing strategy board games.   And as I mentioned before, we have three furbabies!  We adopted Amber, a gorgeous calico, when we lived in Florida. After moving to North Carolina, we wanted to adopt a playmate for her, so we fostered twin kittens and their mama as a trial run. After a crazy turn of events, their mom jumped out the window and ran away, but that’s a story for another day. Jeremy and I couldn’t decide between the two kittens, so we kept them both! We wanted to incorporate our love for movies and books into the naming of them, so we chose Chewie (Chewbacca) for the male, and Prim (Primrose Everdeen) for the little girl.  We love all three of them like they were our children!

So at the end of the day, yes, I want my clients to love their wedding photos, but I also want to be remembered for being me -- a little quirky, but with a heart full of love.


** Well that's her the one and only the lovely Janelle! I hope you loved getting to know her as much as I did! In case you didn't notice she's an "XOXO"er too! My momma would be proud!!

Check out this photo of her and her hubs!  Photo by Liefde Photography


Have you ever seen the hashtag #communityovercompetition ? If you haven't, you will! It's an idea that's sweeping small and large companies all over the country, but especially in the creative business field! It's this whole idea about being a community of businesses helping each other grow and flourish together, rather than treating each other like competition! It's about reaching out and getting to know the other business owners in your community and coming along side of them while we run this crazy race we call being an entrepreneur! 

Today I'm going to share an example of #communityovercompetition at its finest! And release a new blog post that you will see every Thursday from now on!  

A couple of Sunday's ago I got out of bed and drove home from Wilkesboro to meet with Brooke (one of my hairstylist), two photographers, a venue, model and florist. We were creating a style shoot. If you've never heard of a styled shoot let me explain- we find a model, a dress, photography, hair and makeup, flowers, a venue, decor, the whole shabang and basically put on a fake wedding shoot. The amazing thing about style shoots is that we, the business owners involved, get to design it all. I know you're asking yourself "sooo what's special about that...." Here's what people don't understand about the wedding industry, we rarely get to be REALLY creative! 90% of the time we are doing what you, the bride, wants us to do! Which is what we are supposed to do! But style shoots let our talents really fly! So check this out: Megan Travis Photography, Crystal Vandiver Photography, Relish Design Company, Face Forward and Villa de l'Amour all got together and came up with magic! 



Every Thursday I will be sharing a blog post labeled #communityovercompetition. I'll be sharing the stories and journeys of people in the wedding industry! You'll have a chance to see behind the scenes into your vendors lives and get a glimpse of why they chose weddings and what keeps them coming back to brides time and time again!!  

Look for us next Thursday to see who we will be featuring! 

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography



10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Makeup Artist!

Okay so you found a makeup artist you LOVE, her work is flawless, totally your style, and the price is doable. You set up a consult- now what do you ask her? How do you make sure she's legit and isn't going to give you some crazy eye infection or run away with your money?

I give you...10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Makeup Artist!

1. Do you work on location? This is an important place to start. If you need/want someone to come to you this question will be the first step in weeding out who your makeup artist will be. If you don't mind going to the salon then this may be a question to skip....(Personal opinion ALWAYS go with onsite! It takes so much stress off you and your bridal party).

2. Do you have experience with my skin tone, and skin type? This is very important! If you have extremely oily skin, extreme dry skin, if your skin tone darker, or lighter, your needs will change. A well rounded makeup artist will be able to work with any skin tone/type. But you need to know if they're not. If they've not worked with oily skin before they wont have mattifying products in their kit, on the other spectrum if you are a dryer skin tone you need hydrating products. If you are darker or lighter, there are different balances that need to be made in your foundation. Bottom line-you don't need to know any of those details but they need to! ASK this question, if they are experienced this question will not offend them!

3. Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding day? The answer to this question should always be YES- does not mean they will do it free of charge but they should always encourage you to try out there services, this is for your peace of mind as the bride and their peace of mind that come wedding day they will have your trust and vision nailed down.

4. Do you want to see pictures of makeup looks I already like? If they don't ask you this question themselves then you have a red flag. My concern as a makeup artist should always be your vision, of course I can always create a look from my own creativity but 9 times out 10 its not going to be what you saw in your head! ALSO- make sure to tell them about your wedding colors, time of wedding (evening or early afternoon), inspiration, as well as your venue (outdoor or indoor or both). All of these things can factor into the direction we will take your look.

5. Should I bring my veil and accessories with me to my trial run? YES YES YES! Absolutely you should bring these things with you to your trial run appointment! Your veil, earrings, and other jewelry all play a role in how your makeup will come together! We actually very much encourage you to do your trial run the same day as your last dress fitting, or the day of your bridal portraits, so that you can see the whole image come together! Its a very different look to see your face made up in a flannel button up shirt than it is in your wedding dress!

6. What kind of prep do I need to do before my trial, before my wedding? GREAT question, and one I answer for my brides MULTIPLE times through the journey of wedding planning. We tell them at their consultation, remind them the week of their trial, two weeks out from the wedding and 48 hours out so they can remind bridesmaids. You need to know what the makeup artist needs from you as well as what you need from her! We ask that brides, mothers and bridal party members come with clean faces free of makeup residue- and that includes any sleepers in the corners of your eyes (some how those always get missed). This is crucial if your still wearing makeup from the night before, its going to effect her work. Some artists require you put on moisturizer, others prefer you don't, you want to ask so you get it right! Every artist is different so make sure if your meeting with multiples that you ask each of them as it may change.

7. If I change my mind can I do another trial? ABSOLUTELY! The goal of any artist should be to please you. That does not mean it wont come with another charge, but they should be willing to change anything you want changed. A lot of our brides ask what if I want to change something, and we always respond with "Then we change it, its makeup, and it can be changed." We also allot for extra time on trial day incase we need to change something. Face Forward brides typically do their trial runs on bridal portrait day so we stick around for awhile longer than normal to make sure they don't see anything they want touched up or changed! You will want to make sure the artist you hire will be willing to be flexible and change what you would like to have changed.

8. Are there any extra charges I need to know about? Woooo. This is a good one! Let me tell you- stylists and makeup artists believe in the power of upselling! And just a little knowledge, we DO NOT do it because we want to make more money, (although that does end up being a result) we do it because we want you to have options (or at least Face Forward does). But you need to know if a makeup artist is going to nickel and dime you to come out to your location. I try very hard as the owner of Face Forward to make our prices as cut and dry as possible, but there are options that you should know about! Ask first, and decide later, that way your at least knowledgeable when you make your decision of whether you will use the artist or not.

9. How do you ensure that your makeup is clean? I can tell you that in 6 years of being a makeup artist I've only been asked this question 5 times! FIVE! I can't lie, it makes me want to cringe just thinking about artists not keeping their makeup clean. Are they working out of a professional makeup kit or their personal makeup (YES there are some that do this) Is this an artist that does weddings all the time or for friends and families (those are typically your unclean users) Ask them how they clean their brushes! I never get offended when asked this! I want to shout YOU GO GLEN COCO, when someone asks! Good for you for wanting to make sure I'm a clean person! You do not want to wake up with pink eye on day one of your honeymoon!! ASK THEM THIS QUESTION! IT'S IMPORTANT!!!

10. How can I book with you? Sounds dumb I know, but its a question you must ask! Especially, if the answers they gave you for #'s 1-9 impressed you! You need to know whether they require a signed contract, deposit, full payment etc. to be booked! If you loved their style, work and answered your 9 questions informatively and professionally then its time to seal the deal and book your date.


I could spend all day writing questions I think you need to ask your makeup artist, but what it really comes down to is that your makeup artist should be prompting and answering these questions for you. If you are meeting with an artist who truly cares about your wedding day and your vision for your makeup, then they will get to all of these questions without you asking! We try very hard at Face Forward to answer any and all questions like an open book, we have nothing to hide from you as our bride. If your questions aren't getting answered its time to find someone else.

I truly hope this list helps you start conversations with the artists you are thinking about hiring for your wedding day! We would love for you to comment some other questions you may have about hiring a makeup artist below!



(cover photo by Danielle Flake Photography)


Hair and Makeup....What's the big deal?

Oh Lordy, I get this question ALLLLLLLLL the time! SERIOUSLY like at least once a day and definitely from pretty much every groom/man I've ever met. "You want to spend how much on that company to come do you hair and makeup?" "Can't you do your own hair and makeup?" "Lindsey, how will you ever make a career out of wedding day hair and makeup?"

Don't worry, this is not a venting blog post! I PROMISE! Stick with me here.

Here's the big deal!

Sixfoot Photography

Sixfoot Photography

Now did I create this image, heck no, that's all amber and her FABULOUS AMAZING talent! And of course our sweet bride Alyssa and her hubby Josh and the love they have for each other. But see that amazing chignon, perfectly placed under that veil, that red lip grinning from ear to ear. That my friends is confidence! Confidence is everything to a woman! (You guys should know that by now!) We as women want to feel gorgeous as we walk down that isle toward the man we've waited for since we were a little girl!

Megan Travis Photography

Megan Travis Photography

We want to radiate beauty, and grace. And by George we really just want to knock your dern socks off! We want to be so gorgeous that you are just 100% blown away! That's how it is. That's how it will always be! I've met hundreds of brides, all different personalities, all different styles, and not one of them has ever said "It's okay if I don't feel beautiful on my wedding day."

Megan Gioeli Photography

Megan Gioeli Photography

So that's the big deal, there it is, I threw it on the table. It's a day of spending time with your closest girlfriends, your sisters, your sister to be, your mom and your soon to be mother-in-law. Listening to music, drinking mimosas and waiting for someone else to make you beautiful.

Aura Marzouk Photography

Aura Marzouk Photography

So grooms still want to know, "Why can't you just do it yourself?" This is no scientific fact, it hasn't been surveyed or proven. But every time I have a big event to go to it never fails that something goes wrong, my hair just wont lay right or do what I want it to do. My winged eye just isn't quite as winged on the right as it is on the left. It's always something. It just is. And I'm a hair stylist and a makeup artist, so can you imagine what can go wrong when you try to do it yourself on wedding day?

You worry about the flowers arriving, the DJs set up, whether or not your groom has shown up to the venue yet. You have about a million things going through your mind on your wedding day and the last thing you need to think about is why wont this stupid bang do what I want it to do, or how the heck do you even do a smoky eye?

Take your stress level down a notch and hire a professional hair stylist and makeup artist. It's a big deal!



(cover photo by Danielle Flake Photography)

6 Things I want you to know about a Wedding Show!

Every bride I've ever met at a wedding show says they're overwhelmed by the time they're done! WELL HAVE NO FEAR WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

6 Things you should know about a Wedding Show before you go! (and maybe a few other tips)

1. Have a Game Plan! - I feel like this is a true statement for all things involving two people committing their lives to each other! However, its especially true at a wedding show! Know who you need! Do you already have a venue, caterer, and DJ- great! Those are booths, and people you don't have to waste time with! (although you should still taste test those caterers! ;) Know which vendors your missing so you know who best to spend time with!

2.TAKE YOUR TIME!! Please Please Please !! Listen to me on this one! Take your time with the ones you think you really connect with! If a vendor is pushing you out of their booth then you need to cross them off your list! As a vendor myself I can tell you the reason I do shows is so that I can talk and connect with brides one on one! If the vendor your talking to seems like they don't want to talk to you, X them off your list! Your vendor should value getting to know you and your needs even at a busy bridal show!

3. Take part in ALL the festivities! Are they serving champagne? YES ILL HAVE ONE! Are cater waiters serving hors d'oeuvre? YESS ILL TAKE ANOTHER! Is there a photo booth? PUT ON THAT VIKING HAT AND ROCK IT! Seriously though! Some of these shindigs really want to pamper you as a bride and why shouldn't they? YOU ARE FABULOUS! haha but really! Take part in it, if you're lucky you'll only get to do this once, so live it up! Make a few memories while you're there finding out exactly how much money your gonna have to fork out! ;)

4.Enjoy the person you came with! Did you bring your groom? or Maybe your mom? Did the whole family come? Or maybe your MOH? Whoever it is don't forget they're there to help you and have fun with you! Is your groom into cars? Great, make sure you stop by the limos/specialty car booth and let him peruse, even if you know you'll never be able to afford it! Is your mom worried the DJ wont play dance-able music, let her go by the DJs booth that's playing the music for the show! Is your MOH afraid her hair and makeup isn't going to look good? Make sure she's involved in the conversation when you talk to the lovely ladies at the FACE FORWARD booth (hee hee just had to put it out there) Enjoy the person you brought! You brought them for a reason!

5.Never make a decision because of the show special! I see brides pick their photographer based off her 50% discount sign, or her DJ because hell give you 3 free hours if you sign up today! Please understand I am not hating on show discounts! I used to do them, but take them at face value! We all want brides to sign with us! However the worst thing you can do is pick a vendor because they're the cheapest! Go home, look up the people you loved online, if you still love them meet with them, most of the vendors I know are willing to honor that discount after the fact if they know that's where you met them. And if they choose not to honor the discount after the fact then know that you still loved them enough to meet with them and that they're worth the extra money!

6. HAVE FUN WEDDING PLANNING!! I always wish my brides happy wedding planning and most of them laugh at me like yeah right you must be crazy! But, I've had a few brides that have truly had fun wedding planning! Take it all in, breathe, don't get over whelmed! Just have fun! Like I said before hopefully you only do this once! Always know that you can go home and revisit things at your own pace!

Hopefully, these six tips will help make wedding shows a little less overwhelming for you as a bride! The thing about you brides is most the time its your first time ever planning an event as big as this and you don't know where to start or end. The right vendors will help you figure it out! They will make recommendations for you, they will guide you and help you navigate this thing we call the wedding world! Vendors should make your life easier NOT harder! They should be there for you as a bride! If their not its adios!




New Year! New Start!

January comes and bloggers go nuts with resolutions and let's start over posts. I promised myself I wouldn't write one, I promised I would not write the words "this year I will..." 

However that changed. 

Last night I turned on my TV to watch biggest loser - see I've always been a fan since the first season. Partially because it helps me realize I'm not alone in feeling self conscious about my weight or my body. But more so because of the hope that this show inspires. Season after season contestants fight to see their self-value and self-worth. They fight for the life they want, giving themselves a second chance! 

Who hasn't needed a second chance at some point?  

On the show Bob starts talking to the contestants about why they are there, what they need to fight past etc. and Toy (an aunt and niece team) starts to open up about the death of her son. Through tear soaked eyes a story unravels about the untimely and accidental drowning that took her sweet boys life. The guilt she feels is written all over her face- I'm not a parent but as a woman who one day wants to be a mom, I can only imagine the pain and guilt and shame that follows her daily. However Bob nailed it when he said "Horrible things happen to really good people" and they do every day, BUT that does not mean you do not deserve forgiveness.  

Every single one of us deserves forgiveness. What we don't realize is we hold that power!  

What will it take for you to let it go this year- whatever it is - and forgive yourself? 

I pray all your new resolutions and goals happen, I am so glad for those of you that are excited for the new year and chomping at the bit for new opportunities! But for those of you who aren't looking forward to the new year because it's just another day, week, month for you to carry around what's holding you back - I pray that you find a way every day to be proud of yourself, to radiate love and grace for yourself and those around you. I hope that you will start to see the light at the end of your darkness even if it's just one small beam of light at first. Fight for yourself. Fight for your life. Fight for this month, this week, this day. Start here. Believe now! 



If I can ever help you find the greatness that is in you please reach out to me! 

With all my love!  


Thankful Hearts!

When I stop and think about all the things in my life that I'm thankful for, I get this rush because I have SO much to be thankful for. 

I was raised by an incredible mother and step father who taught me and my sisters that doing the right thing will ALWAYS pay off, that hard work isn't something you choose not to do, that manners and having a heart for people will get you everywhere in life and most importantly how to love with such intensity that someone never guesses at how you feel! 

I have a family full of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, sisters, moms and dads who truly love each other, no we don't always see eye to eye but we always see heart to heart. 

I am also lucky enough to have a man who completely stole my heart! No one balances me quite like he does! He is absolutely my rock when life throws chaos all around us, he's a constant in my life, when nothing else is. He welcomed me into his life and his family and hasn't looked back yet, lol. And that brings me to his family; I never knew a family who is not your own could make you feel so loved and so accepted before I met his. They accepted me and my crazy life, and my disease! Normal social situations that give me unending anxiety no longer do with them because they have never once let my disease stand in the way! They simply care and in this life that's all you can really ask for is for someone to care!  

2013-09-14 08.37.16.jpg

And since we are one the topic of family let's continue it with my salon families! I am incredibly grateful to the owner of Dolce Vita Salon, for giving me a chance and hope and a home! She took me in and gave me a group of incredibly talented people who encourage me and teach me everyday. They renew my love for this industry constantly, and they renew my heart, reminding me that if you surround yourself with greatness you can never truly fail! I am immensely grateful for every heart that fills the rooms of our salon, all 18 of them! 

dolce vita.jpg

And last but certainly not least, Face Forward, my wittle baby. God, had given me soooo many amazing opportunities but none more amazing than my company! Everyday I thank Him because truly He made it happen. He took it from this little pipe dream that I thought could never happen to this huge big reality! I am incredibly grateful for every woman who has stood beside me in this company, even those who are no longer with us! We are growing day by day and it still blows my mind EVERYTIME a bride calls us! I have extremely talented women beside me now and I am praying God will continue to bring even more! I am thankful to every photographer, venue, caterer, ad service, bride, and any other vendor who has ever referred us, YOU are why we continue to grow! And as for our brides!!! Each of you are permanently marked on my heart for each of you trusted us, loved us and made us who we are today! Thank you for believing my dreams too!! 

I would love to hear what all of you out there in blog land are thankful for! Leave us some love! and...

From my family to yours HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!




So much more than just hair & makeup!!

People never believe me when I say I do so much more than just hair and makeup! For me and my team its not about just doing your hair and makeup. It is about making you feel gorgeous, whatever it takes! If that's asking questions about how you and your groom met so that you're not focused on the stress going on around you. Or maybe its having you tell me about all the details you have planned so that you don't focus on what your mother is doing that's annoying you. My team and I go above and beyond to make sure your focus is on relaxing and enjoying the day that is your wedding!

But it goes far beyond just relaxing, we've been known to help a groom style his hair because his pre-wedding hair cut didn't go quite as planned. We've also traveled from getting ready site to the venue to put in a veil because her cathedral veil wouldn't fit in her car without getting wrinkled. We've put countless brides in their wedding dresses, veils and shoes.

2013-11-21 06.39.03.jpg

At a recent wedding our bride went to get picked up by her ride and when she arrived at the venue realized she didn't have her veil in! We of course, grabbed her veil and met her at the venues drive way to put it in and then stayed to help her and her dress get out of the car gracefully!

I LOVE wedding hair and makeup but I love our brides and grooms more! I started this company because my heart is for the bride, pure and simple. I don't say any of this to boast or brag on Face Forward, I say it so that you know that their are companies out there that will go above and beyond to make sure your day goes off without a hitch! When you sign a contract with us, your making an investment in my company and I want you to know I do NOT take that lightly and I will do any and everything to keep my end of it.


Face Forward will deliver exceptional hair and makeup but we will also deliver so much more. So remember to Always put your best Face Forward!!



Airbrush Makeup. A skip or a must have?

Ahhh Airbrush makeup! So wonderful, yet so underrated by women and brides everywhere!

Every time I encourage brides to use airbrush makeup over a liquid or powder I always get the question, Why?

Well here is the why, the how, and the YES BOOK ME NOW!!

Airbrush makeup is INCREDIBLY light weight! Most of my brides say they don't even feel like they're wearing makeup!

Airbrush makeup is completely buildable, meaning, I can accommodate women who like a very natural look and I can accommodate those who like a heavier more dramatic look. EITHER WAY they get a completely flawless coverage that's going to allow their skin to breathe without look cakey or powdery.

The above pictures are my friend Ashley, a new mommy to one sweet baby girl and a fellow stylist! New moms get very little sleep which leads to duller skin that lacks the pregnancy glow they've gotten used to having for the last 9 months. A lot of times new moms have hormone fluctuations and can leave them with break outs and uneven skin (no match for airbrush) The above picture is before we did her airbrush makeup, after you can tell her skin is evened out and brightened up. In the second photo her "after" her skin just absolutely glows! (THANK YOU AIRBRUSH)

Airbrush makeup (according to the brand) can give you anywhere from 12-18 hour hold in ANY weather condition! When using airbrush makeup there is no fear of your makeup rubbing off, no worries of hugging your groom and leaving your face on your grooms shoulder, or dancing to close to your dad and woops there goes your cheek.

The above pictures are another friend of mine, Sandra, she has AMAZING skin without makeup and typically just chooses not to wear it at all. She was excited to see how it would feel and told me multiple times how her skin still felt like her own, no cakeyness, no heavy feel. With Sandra my entire goal was to even out her skin, brighten her up and give her a more complete look.

My favorite little fact about airbrush makeup is that its PERFECT for sensitive skin! I personally have incredibly sensitive skin, so I always try to make sure I have products for those people in my makeup kit. Unfortunately its hard to find products that you know you can use on everyone. With airbrush I can be at ease that no matter how sensitive their skin is I can use airbrush on them with no reaction.

Because airbrush makeup uses an air compressor to disperse its liquid foundation, it makes it the most hygienic way to apply foundation.

Crystal, above, has extremely sensitive skin and was hesitant about using airbrush makeup until I explained how perfect it can be for sensitive skin. For a lot of women with rosacea, like Crystal, putting on makeup can actually cause your skin to flare up and get even more red. Because airbrush uses an air compressor its pushing out cool air while you spray, cooling the skin down and keeping rosacea at bay! We were able to keep her red at bay, avoiding even more flare up, and delivering an even skin tone once again.

Last fact, airbrush makeup is perfect for any season. BUT - its absolutely made for us southern girls who like to get married in the summer. Its sweat resistant, humidity resistant, water resistant, and tear proof. Perfect for a wedding in the south!

NOW- I am not a photographer by any means, I am a makeup artist. So, enjoy a few pro shots we've received from some of the photographers who have captured the product at its finest!

Photos by Amanda Sutton Photography, and Mabyn Ludke Photography

Why I do what I do!!

Why do I do what I do?  Another excellent question!!

I do it for this.....

and this....

oh oh and this too!!!


The top photos are two of my really good friends on their wedding days, after I did their hair and makeup. The bottom photo is my sister the night she got engaged to her childhood love!!

Don't think that I don't do it for all the other brides I've done or the brides I have yet to book - because well "I Do" but it all started with doing a friends wedding makeup! I had been out of beauty school for about six months when she asked me to do her makeup. So, I showed up at the church, did her and a bridesmaids makeup and they both looked at me and said "I really wish you could have done both our hair and our makeup here so we didn't have to run around all day" and BOOM! An idea was created! Now, I am certainly not the only person out there that does this job but it was the first time I felt like maybe this would be my future and maybe just maybe I could do it!

So a few weeks later, I re-enrolled in beauty school for hair this time! And well I guess "the rest is history."

The point of all this is the reason I work two jobs, and keep long hours, and work weekends is because simply- I love, love! I love the idea that someone willingly chooses to spend the rest of their days with you. They'll put up with your grumpy mood in the morning (me), and the fact that on your day off your probably not going to shower (me), and that even though you love him with all your heart sometimes your just plain selfish (me again). That their love for you is soo big and so immense that all those flaws seem small and livable compared to the things they love about you! And I love that as brides panic over whether the tables are just perfect, or if the flowers have arrived on time, or if the groomsmen are drinking too much; I get to be the person who spends the day helping them relax, and breathe and take every moment in. The moments right before the rest of their lives begin. I don't do it for the hair or the makeup but for all those little moments that make up the day of the wedding!

That is why I do what I do.




Who are you??

Who am I? What a great question.

My mother calls me Lindsey Lou. I'm not completely sure where she came up with the Lou part, considering my middle name is Morgan, but somehow it stuck and well that's what the family calls me! I have two sisters; Sarah, 27 and Hillary, 24. I'm not sure who my biggest supporters are my mom, or my sisters. But please know I am lucky to have them!

I am a hair stylist. I am a makeup artist. I am a celiac disease patient. I am a sister. And a daughter. And a friend. But those are all just different boxes we put our selves in, and I for one hate being put in a box!

I am so much more than any of those things! I like to get dressed up and play with makeup and my hair and I EQUALLY like a good pair of stretchy pants and my couch. I absolutely love gluten free PIZZA, and dessert. I equally love a good Caesar salad and a great piece of fish. I both like to have a new adventure and be a home body. I love anything girly and at the same time I like to enjoy things that are no where near what my grandmother thought a lady should enjoy. I find art in everything- tattoos, graffiti, you name it. I AM OBSESSED WITH DIET COKE. (please don't take that lightly). And I love to get to know people and their stories.

But as the song my mother used to sing me- these are just a few of my favorite things!

Through this blog it is my hope to show all of you a little bit more about me, and my crazy dream to be a wedding stylist! Stay tuned for all the funny stories I can tell, hair and makeup tutorials, and to meet some of my friends in the wedding industry! I have a LOT of ideas for this blog and I can't wait to get them on here!