2019 Goals! A Whole New Opportunity...

It’s a new year. And yes, I know how cliche that sounds! I’m rolling my eyes at myself. But, bear with me for just a few minutes.

While, yes, new years resolutions are cliche and usually predictable they do give us a chance for a whole new opportunity.

A chance to look back at where we’ve been all year.

A chance to think about where we want to go.

The problem is in how we get from “where we want to go” to “I’m here, check me out!”

So many times we set goals but never make any real plans of how we could get to them. Hear me when I say I am no expert at this. Every year I make resolutions only to keep one or two of the small ones and never really hitting the big ones. BUT- every year I sit down (usually in a hot bubble bath) (I’m not even kidding) and I think about where Face Forward has been in the last year. How we’ve grown, where we may have failed, where we succeeded. And I think about what is next. And I keep a list of my goals and milestones I want to hit on my phone. I am always shocked that my goals almost always happen, and if for some reason I realized in the process this goal wasn’t going to work I set a new one and made it happen.

So what is the difference between my personal goals and my professional goals. Why can I keep my professional but not my personal? (that’s what my bubble bath was for this year)

The. Answer. Was. Simple.

I actually made a plan for my business goals- I tend to be a better planner when it comes to work stuff.

I should have known. So. This year I made my 2019 goals for my personal life and I planned baby steps.

So……..wanna know what they are? Check them out below!

2019 Goals:

  1. I want to start and end my days slowly. Baby step: Make breakfast ahead of time, and learn how to use my do not disturb button.

  2. I want to start my mornings in The Word. Baby Step: Daily Devotional & Prayer Journal (you can find the devotional I’m using here)

  3. I want to budget well. Baby Step: create monthly budget in my app ( I use EveryDollar)

  4. I want to feel healthy and fit, and be able to keep up physically for my (2) mission trips this year. Baby Step: Start walking **it helps with goal #1

  5. I want to paint more. Baby step: Pick a person I want to gift a painting to- motivation

  6. I want to spend a small amount of time every day “tiddying up” rather than dreading major clean outs. Baby Step: Getting everything hung on my office walls

  7. I want to read more. Baby Step: spend 30 minutes a day reading **again goal #1

  8. I want to change the lives of women around me by building deep, lasting relationships. Baby Step: Be more active in my Building Beauty group on Facebook)

That’s it just 8.

Starting my days and ending my days slowly- these are first on my list because well I am the worst at it, often I can’t sleep because my mind has yet to turn off. I’m known to not be able to sleep and get up and work a few hours only to crash again. Because of that I hate waking up in the morning and it takes multiple alarms to get me up. But that is not me, I like mornings- well I do when I can take my time, eat, enjoy my coffee. That is how I want to start each day, and equally end my nights.

This past year I took the Dave Ramsay course and it changed my world. I thought I knew about budgeting and saving but boy was I wrong! SO WRONG! I learned so much and really started to implement the practices so i really just want to continue that. My hope is to pay off my car in 2019. I may need a couple more months to get it all paid off but that is the hope!

Fitness is on my list—> I know you’re eye rolling me again. But I feel like I am looking at it totally different this year. I am going on TWO mission trips this year. They are TEN days apart, meaning I am going to need to be in shape to bounce back from one and head on another. This time I want to focus on what my body CAN do rather than what I dislike about it.

I want to paint & read more. Two things I love, two things I no longer have time for. But not anymore.

The magic of tiddying up, I just bought Marie Kondo’s book. (and literally found out an hour ago that they have a show on netflix) It’s all about cleaning out and then “tiddying up” I absolutely hate cleaning. Like I can truly think of a million things better than cleaning. BUT it has to be done. So if I do a little bit everyday then its never so out of control that its torture. I’ve been cleaning out and living with “less” since I left the Dominican in August and I believe that her book (and show) will help.


Wheeww this one seems heavier than the rest. Probably because it is. Because its the calling God put on my life. A LONG TIME AGO.

I’ve known it FOR A LONG TIME. And hear me- I’ve been doing it…kind of naturally. I feel like I’m pretty good at connecting to people, to being there for people, for hearing their hearts. But this calling has shifted, God has changed it. He’s calling me to be intentional. To pay attention to who he has put in my life. To love them WELL. To love them like He loves them. It’s heavy. It’s not always easy. But it will always be worth it. Every person deserves to be loved that way.

So that’s it friends. Those are my goals. I’ve got a plan, and I will make it past February!

-I hope-



Blog photo by Erin Maynard Photography