Rainy Day Bridals

She acts like summer & walks like rain...

As I drove through high point to meet up with Danielle and Brittany this song started playing through my speakers and I instantly thought about how perfectly it would describe this sweet bridal session!

Brittany is a local photographer who I absolutely think is adorable! So when I saw she had gotten engaged I secretly waited and hoped she would call Face Forward for her hair and makeup...and then it happened! She called us up, told us Danielle was shooting it and that she needed makeup! DONE! Que all the happy dancing and confetti tossing! 

When we started to set up her bridals we knew two things, it was gonna be cold and it was probably going to be gray. I mean that is just what happens when its the middle of February. What we didn't exactly plan for was rain... and not just rain but a heavy mist- like sitting in the air mist. But good gracious was it gorgeous! 


One piece of advice I always give brides is trust your photographer. If you don't trust your photographer you should never have hired them. They should know your vision. Know your style. But more importantly they should know their capabilities and talent.


Danielle suggested 910 Mock house for her bridals- PERFECTION. Danielle suggested still going on with the shoot even though there was a chance of rain- she knew we would be able to shoot inside and that she could bring lighting to make it work if we needed. She also knew that 910 Mock House had a covered porch we could use to get some natural light if it was too rainy to get outside. Danielle's knowledge about the venue, weather, lighting and over all style absolutely put myself and Brittany at ease. 

It is so important to trust what your photographer is telling you! I mean after all I think these are some of the most stunning bridals we've ever gotten back. And when the rain eased and Danielle took her outside...I mean (insert all the heart eyes) !!!  


Brittany's incredible vendors for this shoot:

VENUE: 910 Mock House (ran by  http://leftlanepro.com/)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Danielle Flake Photography (http://danielleflake.com/)

HAIR: Cat Brockway (http://www.localhoneysalon.com/)

MAKEUP: Face Forward

DRESS: Bellissima (http://www.bellissimabrides.com/)