29 and OH SO FINE!

I have so much to say, so many things I want to get out but let me start by telling you that today is my sisters 29th BIRTHDAY!! 

Birthdays are a big deal in our family, from the time I was a babe my mom has ALWAYS made sure we knew our birthdays were special- I'm not sure if its because shes a holiday baby (Christmas Eve) or because she just knows that sometimes in this big world you need to feel valued and special, but either way I am so grateful she instilled this in us! After all, without your birthday you wouldn't be here!!


So let me talk to my sister for a minute- since its her day and all!

Sarah- I am so glad God chose me to be your little brat baby. You know I have never taken that role lightly! I made sure to keep you grounded, what with all the annoying I did to you and still do to you today! People constantly tell us how sassy the Wilkerson sisters can get and let me be quite clear I picked that up from you! You trained me well! I love us! There was a time when I think Mom thought we would murder each other and people told us you'll grow out of it, one day she'll be your best friend. I did not believe them..but then.. some how- I think with a little guidance, grace and perspective it happened, the fighting slowed down and we met on equal fields. Respecting that we are different in so many ways yet our hearts are the same. 


I am so proud of you sweet sister! You have chosen your own path, you forged ahead even when life knocked you down. You picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and decided to fight for the life you wanted! If you had told me that a year ago we would both make decisions that would drastically change our future within 6 months of each other I would have told you, you were crazy! But here we are. standing. two feet on the ground. hand in hand. figuring out this new future together. 

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We've hashtagged this quote for quite sometime now but its true all the way down to the core. "You keep me wild, and I'll keep you safe" That's my line and yours is the opposite. You've always reminded me to live life to the fullest, to take risks, to remember I'm not promised tomorrow and that if I always play it safe I'll never have any good stories to tell later in life. Yours has always been "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild" And oh sweet sister have there been a time or two I've had to remind you that sometimes risks are too risky and sometimes you can't do something to insure you get a tomorrow. What a funny saying for two sisters to have. But what a perfect balance! I rarely get to tell you how wonderful I think that balance is! I am so grateful to have someone in my life that reminds me to laugh, to not take myself too seriously and to keep me humble. You will always be my piece of humble pie and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Your 29. TWENTY NINE, and oh so fine! Over the last year or so I have watched you come into your own! Gaining new confidences, accepting and seeking out new opportunities and honestly loving life. And I love that! This year holds 365 days to make new memories, new opportunities and new adventures. Never forget that tomorrow holds new hope, and another chance to get it right! I can't give but so much wisdom since I'm the baby but I hope you know my bed is always open for early morning conversations and late night movies. Wine and pizza dates, and always for champagne celebrations! I'm here to the end!


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P.S. For those of you reading this I have a HILARIOUS story for you! Years ago, and I mean YEARS AGO Sarah and I decided we needed to be "blood sisters" now I warn you there may have been alcohol involved in this story, and by may have been I mean there definitely was. But we decided we needed a YAYA sisterhood moment. So Sarah and I decide this has to happen, we have to be blood sisters, so she starts rummaging through her closet and pops up with a box cutter- out of a tool box our dad got her, for her new apartment (don't think that was the purpose he had in mind) and now that I think about it I'm not sure why we didn't just use a knife from the butcher block in the kitchen but a box cutter was what we used. We split our palms open and stood hand in hand, feeling so proud and empowered. Blood sisters. No one could take that from us. 

Let me be VERY CLEAR. Sarah and I are blood sisters NATURALLY.

HAHAHAHAHAHA I will never not laugh about this story. We were so serious- life couldn't go on if we didn't do this. It was that serious! 

HAPPY 29th SWEET SARAH! I love you the best!

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