Mary or Martha

Here comes a personal post! Just a warning, ya know, in case you're just wanting pretty pictures and beauty tips. This isn't one of those posts.

I love to write about the business and the beauty tips and I love love love sharing the incredible photographers who capture all of our events. But then sometimes I just have this strong desire to share my heart with yall. After all I can't preach about how I want to create this "Face Forward Family" and not be honest with yall like my family- so here goes nothing!

There has been a story in the bible that has always confused me and until this last season of life I have NEVER understood it. I mean to my core it has caused some serious doubts in my faith! 

The story: Mary and Martha! Oh the title of this post gave that away? Yeah should've known! We find this story in Luke 10:38-42. It starts out talking about Jesus coming to a village and a woman named Martha invited Jesus to come into her home. Then comes Mary, Martha's sister, it tells us that Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him teach. But ol' Martha is running around the house making preparations- now I like to imagine a scene when I read the bible otherwise I get sleepy and well you know how that goes- so in my head I can see it. They're in Martha's house- like JESUS is in her house! Probably sitting all casual in the living room and hes teaching, and I can see it Martha is rummaging through the fridge trying to find something to feed Jesus with, going through cabinets trying to find her best plates, tidying up here and there all while juggling the food, the dishes and being a wonderful host. 

Now I was raised in the South, my momma and my grandmother have taught me how to be a good hostess with the best of them! But there aint NOTHING like running around like crazy to make the house look great, food come out at the same time AND then you look around and ya sister -enter any family member- is sitting in the living room not doing a DANG thing! OH HECK NO! Let me tell you my sass hits a whole nother level when that happens! In the story Martha goes to Jesus and says "Do you not care that my sister has left me alone to do all this? Tell her to help me." NOW this is where my world turns upside down! Jesus tells her "Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken from her."

NOW HOLD THE PHONE! - Excuse me- what had you said?? Yeah! This is the part where I told you this really shook up my faith- and I'm talking for years! Jesus- what do you mean that my sister is the good one when she is in there not doing a thing leaving me here to do all the work for YOU! -side note: Me and the Lord have a very sassy re pore, He created me, He knows me, He still loves me, we're working on my reactions to things- 

Not until this past season of my life, when God gave me a very SWEET friend did I learn what this whole story was about! See this whole time I was seeing it as God shaking His finger at me for doing what I thought was good. But I HAD IT ALL WRONG! He wasn't telling me I was a horrible person for wanting to give God my best, He was telling me all I want from you is to come before me, humble yourself, and be in my presence. See when we're rushing all around we can't truly be present. Our eyes are looking forward toward whats next, but God just wants us to sit and look at where we are, to look up at Him and know that He has the next step taken care of. 

OOOO yall I could really start preaching on this one! If yall have been keeping up with me on Instagram then you know God has placed a desire on my heart to be less busy and more present. And this story is where it all started! There will always be preparations that need to be made for anything good in life but knowing where those stop and where being present, and sitting in enjoyment and being still start, WHEW yall its hard. How many stories have we misread in the bible? I've been reading this one all wrong for years! 

My sweet friend I referred to above- that's Erika- and if you've ever been to Piedmont Chapel, she probably greeted you with a big smile, coffee in hand, and told you she was so glad you are here! And she meant it! She leads our Guest Experience team, but she serves out of complete passion and not requirement. When she smiles and tells you welcome home- she means it. I serve under her on our team. And one day she said something to me that hit home so hard I went to the bathroom and cried, she said "Today I just want to be Mary, present and sitting at the feet of Jesus." WHEW! Yall! (She got me- which is not unusual, shes my friend who gives advice that hits straight to the heart!) But when you serve on Sunday there are SO many preparations to be done, especially in a mobile church like PC. But somehow Erika knows the line! Prep. Prep. Prep. STOP> Be Present.> Watch God> Hear Him First. 

My natural desire is to do, do, do, and then do some more. But now all I want to do is stop, be still, listen. I don't want to miss "the good portion" I don't want to miss out on deep connections with the people around me or with God. So my constant prayer has been, "God let me be Mary, give me a spirit like Mary, to just sit and be ready to meet You. Provide me with people who have this spirit to show me how to live like this."

So here's to learning and growing friends! I would love to hear what God is laying on your hearts right now in life!