Historical Home Photo shoot

 If you've read any part of our blog or any of our instagram posts then you know that we are all about creativity in any form! And this photo shoot was PURE magic. If you yourself are creative than you've had those moments where something happens in front of your eyes that just steals your breath, makes you stop and take the moment in. Capture it in your mind so you can replay it over and over. This shoot was that for us. The candles, the furniture, the greenery, the hair and makeup, Danielle carefully staging each photo. It was truly breath taking. This home has such an edge to it, an unspoken history. And as the sun set and the wind blew cold through the window sills it was almost eerie how beautifully this shoot came together!

Thank you so much to the vendors who helped pull this shoot off!

Photography: Danielle Flake Photography

Florals & Planing: Left Lane Productions

Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces

Dress and Veil: Lasting Impressions

Cake: Cake and All Things Yummy

Film Processing Lab: Photovisions Prints

Hair and Makeup: Face Forward Hair and Makeup Design