My Winter Bucket List

With the first snow on the horizon I thought this was the perfect little post! I've always wished we got snow at Christmas so I could do the whole hot cocoa by the fire while I watch Christmas movies thing but the problem with that is we never have snow by Christmas and my mother is super against fire place fires. Ha! But I definitely have a bucket list ready just in case the snowpocalypse happens this weekend.

1. HOT CHOCOLATE! It's like the first thing I do when I wake up and see snow, and this Christmas a sweet friend introduced me to crock pot hot chocolate and man oh man its good. So snow or no snow that will be a thing this weekend.

2. Go for a wintery walk! That's right just a walk, we'll get to the whole building a snow man thing later but this ones just a walk. I LOVE snow so to walk and just see white for as far as you can see is pure bliss for my soul.

3. Sit by the fire. YES while my mother doesn't do fire (where we always spend snow days) my next door neighbor will usually start a bin fire in his driveway. 

4. Build a snowman, or just throw snowballs at your sisters. It never fails that my oldest sister will want to have a sleepover when the snow comes rolling in. We always attempt a snowman but she ends up just throwing snow at me while I build. haha!

5. Read in my pjs! Mmmm a perfect snowy afternoon, your clothes are in the dryer from going out in the snow so its the perfect time to grab your jammies and a big blanket and curl up with a good book! 

6. Beat my mother at cards! In our family we play cards, and a lot of them! I'll never forget when I was in high school we had a huge snow storm that took the power out for days and me and my mom and my sister played cards for hours, it was too cold to really do anything so we just played and kept a running score! Cards always equal great memories for our family!

7. Watch the kids sled behind the house! Our house backs up to a huge neighborhood hill where all the kids come out to sled. Its so fun, growing up mom would have to drag us off the hill to come in and eat and get warm. I don't sled anymore because of my back (OLD WOMAN STATUS) but I love to sit and watch the four little girls next door as the run up the hill and sled back down.

So there you have it, my bucket list for the snowpocalypse! I would love to know what your favorite things are to do on a snow day!!