Anything but the guest list!!!

So as a newly engaged lady, everyone's favorite question is, "How's the wedding planning coming along?" And I'm proud to say I've got this whole planning a wedding thing down! -or so I like to think! I'm a planner by nature so I got right to it once he popped the question. I knew immediately which venue I wanted, I knew who would be doing my hair and makeup (obviously a priority for a hair stylist), I've been in love with a certain videographer for over a year now - so it was just a matter of booking them. I began to look at dresses for my bridal party and suits for the guys, I knew the caterer and what kind of flowers I wanted, even what Starbucks drink I want on my wedding day!

But if I'm honest, it's all just to avoid the guest list.  

Now I know all of you who aren't planning a wedding are probably thinking the guest list should be first on my list of things to get done. You're probably right. 

But I think I speak for anyone planning a wedding, we would do anything to get out of doing the guest list.  

My fiancé and I have come up with quite the list of things we'd rather do.... First, movies! Movies seem to be our go to distraction. We sit down after a long day of working all ready to conquer this list of our loved ones and we end up halfway through a movie... Oops. At that point, do you really expect us to stop the movie for a guest list? Obviously not.

Our next favorite is snapchat filters! I'm not sure what we did before these because I don't think I've laughed myself into tears more over anything else. Face swapping probably shouldn't be something we're able to do. It's hideous. But since we can, we will! Especially before the guest list.

We've even torn a wall down at our future house instead of finishing this list. We've taken out carpet, painted walls, cleaned up the yard. All things that don't really need to be done before a guest list, but I will tell you, ripping a wall out is a whole lot more fun!

Eventually we started adding names here and there and pretty much had it done.......and then came.....getting their addresses. I'm telling you it's the worst! Thankfully we used to help us out! Wedding Wire is a wedding planning site for brides and grooms, you can search vendors, get reviews, and keep all your planning details in one place. And they have a great section to help you plan the guest list and keep addresses and contact information. It has saved our lives, I can't imagine keeping up with this list by pen and paper...NO THANK YOU!

Our goal was to get the guest list finished in time to get our save the dates out, and as a reward we got to do engagement pictures and buy a fancy stamp with our names on it! 

Stay tuned to Bride-to-Bride and find out how we're doing with wedding plans and picking out vendors!


More Blessed than Lucky,