Moving Day!!

Today is the's moving day!! I put exclamation points on the end of that because I am excited for what comes next but I cant even pretend that a part of my heart will never be the same.

Today I will pack up the all of my brushes and combs and my color, take pictures off the wall and lastly my license. I always knew this day would come, the day I would leave the salon. I originally went to beauty school to do updos and styling specifically for my bridal business but along the way I fell in love with cut and color. It was one more way I could transform hair, it was one more way I could help women feel gorgeous. My plan was to start looking at going full time with Face Forward after 5 years. It has been 3. But its here and its time. And I am going full time.

A little over a year ago, I walked into Dolce Vita Salon, I talked to the owner Mary and a few of the staff and decided it would be my new salon home! Little did I know they would become so much more than just coworkers, they are family! Every single person has taken me in and loved me, guided me and pushed me to where I am today. Salon life isn't always easy, its not always easy to find a solid salon where you can build your customer base as well as finding a staff whose not all gossip and stab you in the back but one that will help you build and help you grow in your career. Dolce Vita has done that for me! They changed the mold of the salon industry for me. This staff is incredible, they are also the reason why I embraced the "communityoversompetition" mindset so easily. There is no such thing as competition between the people I work with at the salon, they are all about building each other up and helping each other out!

I will miss my family at Dolce Vita but once someone is family there's no such thing as goodbye. I'm not going anywhere I will still come see my salon family, I will still be involved in their lives, after all we have 3 new babies coming into our salon!

I am so excited to be able to put my whole heart and all of my energy into Face Forward and our brides, I will miss my last chapter, I will miss my clients and my salon family, I will miss the hustle of the salon. But it is time for me to put everything I have into my sweet little dream. A sweet little dream which is not so little anymore! I have been making a list of things I want to do with Face Forward for a long time but never had the time to do because I am in the salon all day and with brides on the weekend and there was just never the time in the day. That is about to change.

I hope whether you are one of my salon family, my home family, one of my past clients or brides, or maybe just a facebook friend. I hope you will follow me through this journey! There is a lot coming up for Face Forward and for me as well and for Brooke Beane my wonderful second set of hands and I cant wait to see what will come of this next step for our community as well!!

I love you all and I am so thankful for your support!