It's Thursday again! And that means a #communityovercompetition post! Today is an emotional one and I will be honest the emotion took me by surprise! This week our Tuesday Together Triad chapter was featured on Fox 8! Unfortunately I could not make it to the session and was not included in the video - however my sweet lady friends were and its powerful!

The community around us got to see a little snippet of the amazing community that has been built for us creatives. We all treasure it and keep it close to our heart but we also want to share it! We want other creative business owners to know that there is a group out there who will welcome you and rise above the competitive mind set and come along side of you and help you. These women and men have soo much heart for each other, and for their brands and it pours out of them!

We get to laugh together and cry together, rejoice in each others happiest moments and remind each other of how powerful we are in our weakest moments! I am so glad that Fox 8 featured these amazing business owners! Check out the video below and see just what we're all about!

To my ladies who were there! You represented us well! Like always, you showed us your hearts, you talked about your passions so well and I for one am soooooo thankful I know each of you! The triad is a better place because of you AND your business!

P.S. I may have cried watching this video, I'm not sure if its because its been an emotional week or if its because I just absolutely LOVE this group!..either way it totally happened!

My cup runneth over!