10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Makeup Artist!

Okay so you found a makeup artist you LOVE, her work is flawless, totally your style, and the price is doable. You set up a consult- now what do you ask her? How do you make sure she's legit and isn't going to give you some crazy eye infection or run away with your money?

I give you...10 Questions You MUST Ask Your Makeup Artist!

1. Do you work on location? This is an important place to start. If you need/want someone to come to you this question will be the first step in weeding out who your makeup artist will be. If you don't mind going to the salon then this may be a question to skip....(Personal opinion ALWAYS go with onsite! It takes so much stress off you and your bridal party).

2. Do you have experience with my skin tone, and skin type? This is very important! If you have extremely oily skin, extreme dry skin, if your skin tone darker, or lighter, your needs will change. A well rounded makeup artist will be able to work with any skin tone/type. But you need to know if they're not. If they've not worked with oily skin before they wont have mattifying products in their kit, on the other spectrum if you are a dryer skin tone you need hydrating products. If you are darker or lighter, there are different balances that need to be made in your foundation. Bottom line-you don't need to know any of those details but they need to! ASK this question, if they are experienced this question will not offend them!

3. Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding day? The answer to this question should always be YES- does not mean they will do it free of charge but they should always encourage you to try out there services, this is for your peace of mind as the bride and their peace of mind that come wedding day they will have your trust and vision nailed down.

4. Do you want to see pictures of makeup looks I already like? If they don't ask you this question themselves then you have a red flag. My concern as a makeup artist should always be your vision, of course I can always create a look from my own creativity but 9 times out 10 its not going to be what you saw in your head! ALSO- make sure to tell them about your wedding colors, time of wedding (evening or early afternoon), inspiration, as well as your venue (outdoor or indoor or both). All of these things can factor into the direction we will take your look.

5. Should I bring my veil and accessories with me to my trial run? YES YES YES! Absolutely you should bring these things with you to your trial run appointment! Your veil, earrings, and other jewelry all play a role in how your makeup will come together! We actually very much encourage you to do your trial run the same day as your last dress fitting, or the day of your bridal portraits, so that you can see the whole image come together! Its a very different look to see your face made up in a flannel button up shirt than it is in your wedding dress!

6. What kind of prep do I need to do before my trial, before my wedding? GREAT question, and one I answer for my brides MULTIPLE times through the journey of wedding planning. We tell them at their consultation, remind them the week of their trial, two weeks out from the wedding and 48 hours out so they can remind bridesmaids. You need to know what the makeup artist needs from you as well as what you need from her! We ask that brides, mothers and bridal party members come with clean faces free of makeup residue- and that includes any sleepers in the corners of your eyes (some how those always get missed). This is crucial if your still wearing makeup from the night before, its going to effect her work. Some artists require you put on moisturizer, others prefer you don't, you want to ask so you get it right! Every artist is different so make sure if your meeting with multiples that you ask each of them as it may change.

7. If I change my mind can I do another trial? ABSOLUTELY! The goal of any artist should be to please you. That does not mean it wont come with another charge, but they should be willing to change anything you want changed. A lot of our brides ask what if I want to change something, and we always respond with "Then we change it, its makeup, and it can be changed." We also allot for extra time on trial day incase we need to change something. Face Forward brides typically do their trial runs on bridal portrait day so we stick around for awhile longer than normal to make sure they don't see anything they want touched up or changed! You will want to make sure the artist you hire will be willing to be flexible and change what you would like to have changed.

8. Are there any extra charges I need to know about? Woooo. This is a good one! Let me tell you- stylists and makeup artists believe in the power of upselling! And just a little knowledge, we DO NOT do it because we want to make more money, (although that does end up being a result) we do it because we want you to have options (or at least Face Forward does). But you need to know if a makeup artist is going to nickel and dime you to come out to your location. I try very hard as the owner of Face Forward to make our prices as cut and dry as possible, but there are options that you should know about! Ask first, and decide later, that way your at least knowledgeable when you make your decision of whether you will use the artist or not.

9. How do you ensure that your makeup is clean? I can tell you that in 6 years of being a makeup artist I've only been asked this question 5 times! FIVE! I can't lie, it makes me want to cringe just thinking about artists not keeping their makeup clean. Are they working out of a professional makeup kit or their personal makeup (YES there are some that do this) Is this an artist that does weddings all the time or for friends and families (those are typically your unclean users) Ask them how they clean their brushes! I never get offended when asked this! I want to shout YOU GO GLEN COCO, when someone asks! Good for you for wanting to make sure I'm a clean person! You do not want to wake up with pink eye on day one of your honeymoon!! ASK THEM THIS QUESTION! IT'S IMPORTANT!!!

10. How can I book with you? Sounds dumb I know, but its a question you must ask! Especially, if the answers they gave you for #'s 1-9 impressed you! You need to know whether they require a signed contract, deposit, full payment etc. to be booked! If you loved their style, work and answered your 9 questions informatively and professionally then its time to seal the deal and book your date.


I could spend all day writing questions I think you need to ask your makeup artist, but what it really comes down to is that your makeup artist should be prompting and answering these questions for you. If you are meeting with an artist who truly cares about your wedding day and your vision for your makeup, then they will get to all of these questions without you asking! We try very hard at Face Forward to answer any and all questions like an open book, we have nothing to hide from you as our bride. If your questions aren't getting answered its time to find someone else.

I truly hope this list helps you start conversations with the artists you are thinking about hiring for your wedding day! We would love for you to comment some other questions you may have about hiring a makeup artist below!



(cover photo by Danielle Flake Photography)