December's TOP Beauty Picks!

It is almost the end of the month and I wanted to take sometime and review a few of my new favorite beauty products! I am hoping that this will become a new norm! So here are a few products I LOVE and one I could live without!

LIPSTICK! So lipstick is new for me- I've never really been much of a lipstick girl maybe a tinted chapstick or gloss if I'm feeling really fancy. But, lately I've really been branching out on my sticks and shades. My ABSOLUTE fav right now is Urban Decay, BRAT! I found it on thesmallthingsblog and decided to try it out. It's the perfect little pink lipstick!!

Exfoliation! I have the weirdest skin on the planet-'s dumb. One second I'm super oily, the next I'm dry but what keeps me normal is making sure I exfoliate once a week! I received a new one in my Ipsy bag last month by Peter Lamas and the best part it smells like PUMPKIN #basicwhitegirl It's a great balance of rough to exfoliate and smooth to hydrate definitely check it out! 

Tools! The hot tools CURLBAR! I cannot say enough good things about the curl bar, I am working on a full length video review about this new tool I just haven't quite gotten it finished! It's amazingly designed to save your shoulders and arms while you curl your hair!

DRY SHAMPOO! oh dry shampoo! There are two things in this lifethat I can't talk about enough- 1. Champagne and 2. DRY SHAMPOO hahaha- but seriously! Recently, Brooke and I were at a wedding and a bridesmaid was asking how often we use dry shampoo, and why we use dry shampoo and it cracked me up because we both confessed to using dry shampoo on CLEAN hair! But it just gives such great texture to your root area when you have fine/soft hair. When your hair is dirty it absorbs all that oil and gives lift to your roots! Its all in all a miracle.

I just tried a new dry shampoo by Kenra, yall I LOVE Kenras products they're amazing! But, I wasn't impressed with their dry shampoo in the least. I actually threw away a half used bottle because well whats the point in keeping it if I hate it! However, I just got news today that they have released a new dry shampoo (guess they hated it too) you can bet your butt I will be getting my hands on the new one to try! So what brand do I like?  EIME DRY ME it's great! Gives you texture and body at the root, while absorbing oil and it gives me a little color help with my roots (definitely for blondes)

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So there it is! My top products for this month!