My Skincare Routine!

Most people don't know that I went to school for esthetics before I went for hair! Esthetics is the study of skincare! AND I LOVED IT!!!! In high school I could never get my skin under control, constant breakouts, constantly feeling like crap about how I looked, and my skin had this weird look and color to it - it was so dull and splotchy. I HATED IT! I had tried every product the dermatologist threw at me and all it did was leave my skin burned up and so sensitive it hurt if the wind blew! Then I found an esthetician! She changed my whole world, that and getting my celiac diagnosis.

Down the road we figured out that I suffer from hormonal and digestive acne. Hear me when I say that MOST women struggle with hormonal acne at one point or another in their life. Maybe when their teenagers, maybe during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or like me every month because our stupid hormones are constantly up and down. Digestive acne is just that- acne that comes from what you're eating or whats going on in your digestive track. (ps digestive acne isn't a medical term it just makes sense to me lol) Let's talk about how you can know whats going on with your acne/breakouts.

This is not my picture, found on pinterest!

This is not my picture, found on pinterest!

So lets recap this a bit:

Upper Forehead: Digestive System, and Bladder- in my experience this area is more about junk food than digestive disorders. Too much sugar, or fried foods, too much junk and this area will start to breakout. More veggies, fruits and lots of water will typically clear this right out.

Between the Eyebrows: This is typically an area for the liver, too much alcohol and boom all the little bumpies. Time to detox with lots of water! This is also an area that's affected from stress (bc people like to rub their brows when stressed)

Lower Cheeks/Gums: I used to suffer with this because of Tartar in toothpaste! I get ulcers really bad (sign of celiac) and tartar in toothpaste can cause issues here as well as unhealthy dental practices! Brush them teeth ladies ;)

Sides of Chin/Jawline: Hormonal Imbalance! BOOM now were getting somewhere! Is it your time of the month? Do you have an imbalance? Is something going on you don't know about? This is how I got diagnosed with PCOS, a hormonal issue that leaves your body unable to make eggs. I could not get this area clear and my dermatologist suggested lets check your hormone levels! It could just be once a month around your time! To clear this all you can do is get the imbalance under control.

Center of Chin: Intestinal issues/Stomach! DING DING DING WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! This was the heart of my celiac issues, my intestinal track was so messed up I couldn't get a handle on this one! Not until I was diagnosed and started controlling it, but it still flares like crazy!

Last but not least, 

Neck and Chest: Illness and infection, every time I get a sinus infection boom chest break out, but this one got me diagnosed as well.

NOW with all breakouts please know its not just these things, this chart is for on going suffering of acne. Your brows could breakout because you rub your brow area when your up working late and stressed. Your jawline may break out because you rest your jawline on your hand while sitting at your desk. There are all kinds of reasons! So lets talk about SKINCARE! My favorite thing and a very underappreciated thing!

Tomorrow I will post on FOUR different skin types and the best products for your skin type! 

But today lets talk about my new regimen for hormonal acne and digestive acne! Check out this video of me doing my thing!