New Year! New Start!

January comes and bloggers go nuts with resolutions and let's start over posts. I promised myself I wouldn't write one, I promised I would not write the words "this year I will..." 

However that changed. 

Last night I turned on my TV to watch biggest loser - see I've always been a fan since the first season. Partially because it helps me realize I'm not alone in feeling self conscious about my weight or my body. But more so because of the hope that this show inspires. Season after season contestants fight to see their self-value and self-worth. They fight for the life they want, giving themselves a second chance! 

Who hasn't needed a second chance at some point?  

On the show Bob starts talking to the contestants about why they are there, what they need to fight past etc. and Toy (an aunt and niece team) starts to open up about the death of her son. Through tear soaked eyes a story unravels about the untimely and accidental drowning that took her sweet boys life. The guilt she feels is written all over her face- I'm not a parent but as a woman who one day wants to be a mom, I can only imagine the pain and guilt and shame that follows her daily. However Bob nailed it when he said "Horrible things happen to really good people" and they do every day, BUT that does not mean you do not deserve forgiveness.  

Every single one of us deserves forgiveness. What we don't realize is we hold that power!  

What will it take for you to let it go this year- whatever it is - and forgive yourself? 

I pray all your new resolutions and goals happen, I am so glad for those of you that are excited for the new year and chomping at the bit for new opportunities! But for those of you who aren't looking forward to the new year because it's just another day, week, month for you to carry around what's holding you back - I pray that you find a way every day to be proud of yourself, to radiate love and grace for yourself and those around you. I hope that you will start to see the light at the end of your darkness even if it's just one small beam of light at first. Fight for yourself. Fight for your life. Fight for this month, this week, this day. Start here. Believe now! 



If I can ever help you find the greatness that is in you please reach out to me! 

With all my love!