6 Things I want you to know about a Wedding Show!

Every bride I've ever met at a wedding show says they're overwhelmed by the time they're done! WELL HAVE NO FEAR WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

6 Things you should know about a Wedding Show before you go! (and maybe a few other tips)

1. Have a Game Plan! - I feel like this is a true statement for all things involving two people committing their lives to each other! However, its especially true at a wedding show! Know who you need! Do you already have a venue, caterer, and DJ- great! Those are booths, and people you don't have to waste time with! (although you should still taste test those caterers! ;) Know which vendors your missing so you know who best to spend time with!

2.TAKE YOUR TIME!! Please Please Please !! Listen to me on this one! Take your time with the ones you think you really connect with! If a vendor is pushing you out of their booth then you need to cross them off your list! As a vendor myself I can tell you the reason I do shows is so that I can talk and connect with brides one on one! If the vendor your talking to seems like they don't want to talk to you, X them off your list! Your vendor should value getting to know you and your needs even at a busy bridal show!

3. Take part in ALL the festivities! Are they serving champagne? YES ILL HAVE ONE! Are cater waiters serving hors d'oeuvre? YESS ILL TAKE ANOTHER! Is there a photo booth? PUT ON THAT VIKING HAT AND ROCK IT! Seriously though! Some of these shindigs really want to pamper you as a bride and why shouldn't they? YOU ARE FABULOUS! haha but really! Take part in it, if you're lucky you'll only get to do this once, so live it up! Make a few memories while you're there finding out exactly how much money your gonna have to fork out! ;)

4.Enjoy the person you came with! Did you bring your groom? or Maybe your mom? Did the whole family come? Or maybe your MOH? Whoever it is don't forget they're there to help you and have fun with you! Is your groom into cars? Great, make sure you stop by the limos/specialty car booth and let him peruse, even if you know you'll never be able to afford it! Is your mom worried the DJ wont play dance-able music, let her go by the DJs booth that's playing the music for the show! Is your MOH afraid her hair and makeup isn't going to look good? Make sure she's involved in the conversation when you talk to the lovely ladies at the FACE FORWARD booth (hee hee just had to put it out there) Enjoy the person you brought! You brought them for a reason!

5.Never make a decision because of the show special! I see brides pick their photographer based off her 50% discount sign, or her DJ because hell give you 3 free hours if you sign up today! Please understand I am not hating on show discounts! I used to do them, but take them at face value! We all want brides to sign with us! However the worst thing you can do is pick a vendor because they're the cheapest! Go home, look up the people you loved online, if you still love them meet with them, most of the vendors I know are willing to honor that discount after the fact if they know that's where you met them. And if they choose not to honor the discount after the fact then know that you still loved them enough to meet with them and that they're worth the extra money!

6. HAVE FUN WEDDING PLANNING!! I always wish my brides happy wedding planning and most of them laugh at me like yeah right you must be crazy! But, I've had a few brides that have truly had fun wedding planning! Take it all in, breathe, don't get over whelmed! Just have fun! Like I said before hopefully you only do this once! Always know that you can go home and revisit things at your own pace!

Hopefully, these six tips will help make wedding shows a little less overwhelming for you as a bride! The thing about you brides is most the time its your first time ever planning an event as big as this and you don't know where to start or end. The right vendors will help you figure it out! They will make recommendations for you, they will guide you and help you navigate this thing we call the wedding world! Vendors should make your life easier NOT harder! They should be there for you as a bride! If their not its adios!