Airbrush Makeup. A skip or a must have?

Ahhh Airbrush makeup! So wonderful, yet so underrated by women and brides everywhere!

Every time I encourage brides to use airbrush makeup over a liquid or powder I always get the question, Why?

Well here is the why, the how, and the YES BOOK ME NOW!!

Airbrush makeup is INCREDIBLY light weight! Most of my brides say they don't even feel like they're wearing makeup!

Airbrush makeup is completely buildable, meaning, I can accommodate women who like a very natural look and I can accommodate those who like a heavier more dramatic look. EITHER WAY they get a completely flawless coverage that's going to allow their skin to breathe without look cakey or powdery.

The above pictures are my friend Ashley, a new mommy to one sweet baby girl and a fellow stylist! New moms get very little sleep which leads to duller skin that lacks the pregnancy glow they've gotten used to having for the last 9 months. A lot of times new moms have hormone fluctuations and can leave them with break outs and uneven skin (no match for airbrush) The above picture is before we did her airbrush makeup, after you can tell her skin is evened out and brightened up. In the second photo her "after" her skin just absolutely glows! (THANK YOU AIRBRUSH)

Airbrush makeup (according to the brand) can give you anywhere from 12-18 hour hold in ANY weather condition! When using airbrush makeup there is no fear of your makeup rubbing off, no worries of hugging your groom and leaving your face on your grooms shoulder, or dancing to close to your dad and woops there goes your cheek.

The above pictures are another friend of mine, Sandra, she has AMAZING skin without makeup and typically just chooses not to wear it at all. She was excited to see how it would feel and told me multiple times how her skin still felt like her own, no cakeyness, no heavy feel. With Sandra my entire goal was to even out her skin, brighten her up and give her a more complete look.

My favorite little fact about airbrush makeup is that its PERFECT for sensitive skin! I personally have incredibly sensitive skin, so I always try to make sure I have products for those people in my makeup kit. Unfortunately its hard to find products that you know you can use on everyone. With airbrush I can be at ease that no matter how sensitive their skin is I can use airbrush on them with no reaction.

Because airbrush makeup uses an air compressor to disperse its liquid foundation, it makes it the most hygienic way to apply foundation.

Crystal, above, has extremely sensitive skin and was hesitant about using airbrush makeup until I explained how perfect it can be for sensitive skin. For a lot of women with rosacea, like Crystal, putting on makeup can actually cause your skin to flare up and get even more red. Because airbrush uses an air compressor its pushing out cool air while you spray, cooling the skin down and keeping rosacea at bay! We were able to keep her red at bay, avoiding even more flare up, and delivering an even skin tone once again.

Last fact, airbrush makeup is perfect for any season. BUT - its absolutely made for us southern girls who like to get married in the summer. Its sweat resistant, humidity resistant, water resistant, and tear proof. Perfect for a wedding in the south!

NOW- I am not a photographer by any means, I am a makeup artist. So, enjoy a few pro shots we've received from some of the photographers who have captured the product at its finest!

Photos by Amanda Sutton Photography, and Mabyn Ludke Photography