Why I do what I do!!

Why do I do what I do?  Another excellent question!!

I do it for this.....

and this....

oh oh and this too!!!


The top photos are two of my really good friends on their wedding days, after I did their hair and makeup. The bottom photo is my sister the night she got engaged to her childhood love!!

Don't think that I don't do it for all the other brides I've done or the brides I have yet to book - because well "I Do" but it all started with doing a friends wedding makeup! I had been out of beauty school for about six months when she asked me to do her makeup. So, I showed up at the church, did her and a bridesmaids makeup and they both looked at me and said "I really wish you could have done both our hair and our makeup here so we didn't have to run around all day" and BOOM! An idea was created! Now, I am certainly not the only person out there that does this job but it was the first time I felt like maybe this would be my future and maybe just maybe I could do it!

So a few weeks later, I re-enrolled in beauty school for hair this time! And well I guess "the rest is history."

The point of all this is the reason I work two jobs, and keep long hours, and work weekends is because simply- I love, love! I love the idea that someone willingly chooses to spend the rest of their days with you. They'll put up with your grumpy mood in the morning (me), and the fact that on your day off your probably not going to shower (me), and that even though you love him with all your heart sometimes your just plain selfish (me again). That their love for you is soo big and so immense that all those flaws seem small and livable compared to the things they love about you! And I love that as brides panic over whether the tables are just perfect, or if the flowers have arrived on time, or if the groomsmen are drinking too much; I get to be the person who spends the day helping them relax, and breathe and take every moment in. The moments right before the rest of their lives begin. I don't do it for the hair or the makeup but for all those little moments that make up the day of the wedding!

That is why I do what I do.