Who are you??

Who am I? What a great question.

My mother calls me Lindsey Lou. I'm not completely sure where she came up with the Lou part, considering my middle name is Morgan, but somehow it stuck and well that's what the family calls me! I have two sisters; Sarah, 27 and Hillary, 24. I'm not sure who my biggest supporters are my mom, or my sisters. But please know I am lucky to have them!

I am a hair stylist. I am a makeup artist. I am a celiac disease patient. I am a sister. And a daughter. And a friend. But those are all just different boxes we put our selves in, and I for one hate being put in a box!

I am so much more than any of those things! I like to get dressed up and play with makeup and my hair and I EQUALLY like a good pair of stretchy pants and my couch. I absolutely love gluten free PIZZA, and dessert. I equally love a good Caesar salad and a great piece of fish. I both like to have a new adventure and be a home body. I love anything girly and at the same time I like to enjoy things that are no where near what my grandmother thought a lady should enjoy. I find art in everything- tattoos, graffiti, you name it. I AM OBSESSED WITH DIET COKE. (please don't take that lightly). And I love to get to know people and their stories.

But as the song my mother used to sing me- these are just a few of my favorite things!

Through this blog it is my hope to show all of you a little bit more about me, and my crazy dream to be a wedding stylist! Stay tuned for all the funny stories I can tell, hair and makeup tutorials, and to meet some of my friends in the wedding industry! I have a LOT of ideas for this blog and I can't wait to get them on here!