So much more than just hair & makeup!!

People never believe me when I say I do so much more than just hair and makeup! For me and my team its not about just doing your hair and makeup. It is about making you feel gorgeous, whatever it takes! If that's asking questions about how you and your groom met so that you're not focused on the stress going on around you. Or maybe its having you tell me about all the details you have planned so that you don't focus on what your mother is doing that's annoying you. My team and I go above and beyond to make sure your focus is on relaxing and enjoying the day that is your wedding!

But it goes far beyond just relaxing, we've been known to help a groom style his hair because his pre-wedding hair cut didn't go quite as planned. We've also traveled from getting ready site to the venue to put in a veil because her cathedral veil wouldn't fit in her car without getting wrinkled. We've put countless brides in their wedding dresses, veils and shoes.

2013-11-21 06.39.03.jpg

At a recent wedding our bride went to get picked up by her ride and when she arrived at the venue realized she didn't have her veil in! We of course, grabbed her veil and met her at the venues drive way to put it in and then stayed to help her and her dress get out of the car gracefully!

I LOVE wedding hair and makeup but I love our brides and grooms more! I started this company because my heart is for the bride, pure and simple. I don't say any of this to boast or brag on Face Forward, I say it so that you know that their are companies out there that will go above and beyond to make sure your day goes off without a hitch! When you sign a contract with us, your making an investment in my company and I want you to know I do NOT take that lightly and I will do any and everything to keep my end of it.


Face Forward will deliver exceptional hair and makeup but we will also deliver so much more. So remember to Always put your best Face Forward!!