2019 Goals! A Whole New Opportunity...

It’s a new year. And yes, I know how cliche that sounds! I’m rolling my eyes at myself. But, bear with me for just a few minutes.

While, yes, new years resolutions are cliche and usually predictable they do give us a chance for a whole new opportunity.

A chance to look back at where we’ve been all year.

A chance to think about where we want to go.

The problem is in how we get from “where we want to go” to “I’m here, check me out!”

So many times we set goals but never make any real plans of how we could get to them. Hear me when I say I am no expert at this. Every year I make resolutions only to keep one or two of the small ones and never really hitting the big ones. BUT- every year I sit down (usually in a hot bubble bath) (I’m not even kidding) and I think about where Face Forward has been in the last year. How we’ve grown, where we may have failed, where we succeeded. And I think about what is next. And I keep a list of my goals and milestones I want to hit on my phone. I am always shocked that my goals almost always happen, and if for some reason I realized in the process this goal wasn’t going to work I set a new one and made it happen.

So what is the difference between my personal goals and my professional goals. Why can I keep my professional but not my personal? (that’s what my bubble bath was for this year)

The. Answer. Was. Simple.

I actually made a plan for my business goals- I tend to be a better planner when it comes to work stuff.

I should have known. So. This year I made my 2019 goals for my personal life and I planned baby steps.

So……..wanna know what they are? Check them out below!

2019 Goals:

  1. I want to start and end my days slowly. Baby step: Make breakfast ahead of time, and learn how to use my do not disturb button.

  2. I want to start my mornings in The Word. Baby Step: Daily Devotional & Prayer Journal (you can find the devotional I’m using here)

  3. I want to budget well. Baby Step: create monthly budget in my app ( I use EveryDollar)

  4. I want to feel healthy and fit, and be able to keep up physically for my (2) mission trips this year. Baby Step: Start walking **it helps with goal #1

  5. I want to paint more. Baby step: Pick a person I want to gift a painting to- motivation

  6. I want to spend a small amount of time every day “tiddying up” rather than dreading major clean outs. Baby Step: Getting everything hung on my office walls

  7. I want to read more. Baby Step: spend 30 minutes a day reading **again goal #1

  8. I want to change the lives of women around me by building deep, lasting relationships. Baby Step: Be more active in my Building Beauty group on Facebook)

That’s it just 8.

Starting my days and ending my days slowly- these are first on my list because well I am the worst at it, often I can’t sleep because my mind has yet to turn off. I’m known to not be able to sleep and get up and work a few hours only to crash again. Because of that I hate waking up in the morning and it takes multiple alarms to get me up. But that is not me, I like mornings- well I do when I can take my time, eat, enjoy my coffee. That is how I want to start each day, and equally end my nights.

This past year I took the Dave Ramsay course and it changed my world. I thought I knew about budgeting and saving but boy was I wrong! SO WRONG! I learned so much and really started to implement the practices so i really just want to continue that. My hope is to pay off my car in 2019. I may need a couple more months to get it all paid off but that is the hope!

Fitness is on my list—> I know you’re eye rolling me again. But I feel like I am looking at it totally different this year. I am going on TWO mission trips this year. They are TEN days apart, meaning I am going to need to be in shape to bounce back from one and head on another. This time I want to focus on what my body CAN do rather than what I dislike about it.

I want to paint & read more. Two things I love, two things I no longer have time for. But not anymore.

The magic of tiddying up, I just bought Marie Kondo’s book. (and literally found out an hour ago that they have a show on netflix) It’s all about cleaning out and then “tiddying up” I absolutely hate cleaning. Like I can truly think of a million things better than cleaning. BUT it has to be done. So if I do a little bit everyday then its never so out of control that its torture. I’ve been cleaning out and living with “less” since I left the Dominican in August and I believe that her book (and show) will help.


Wheeww this one seems heavier than the rest. Probably because it is. Because its the calling God put on my life. A LONG TIME AGO.

I’ve known it FOR A LONG TIME. And hear me- I’ve been doing it…kind of naturally. I feel like I’m pretty good at connecting to people, to being there for people, for hearing their hearts. But this calling has shifted, God has changed it. He’s calling me to be intentional. To pay attention to who he has put in my life. To love them WELL. To love them like He loves them. It’s heavy. It’s not always easy. But it will always be worth it. Every person deserves to be loved that way.

So that’s it friends. Those are my goals. I’ve got a plan, and I will make it past February!

-I hope-



Blog photo by Erin Maynard Photography

Rainy Day Bridals

She acts like summer & walks like rain...

As I drove through high point to meet up with Danielle and Brittany this song started playing through my speakers and I instantly thought about how perfectly it would describe this sweet bridal session!

Brittany is a local photographer who I absolutely think is adorable! So when I saw she had gotten engaged I secretly waited and hoped she would call Face Forward for her hair and makeup...and then it happened! She called us up, told us Danielle was shooting it and that she needed makeup! DONE! Que all the happy dancing and confetti tossing! 

When we started to set up her bridals we knew two things, it was gonna be cold and it was probably going to be gray. I mean that is just what happens when its the middle of February. What we didn't exactly plan for was rain... and not just rain but a heavy mist- like sitting in the air mist. But good gracious was it gorgeous! 


One piece of advice I always give brides is trust your photographer. If you don't trust your photographer you should never have hired them. They should know your vision. Know your style. But more importantly they should know their capabilities and talent.


Danielle suggested 910 Mock house for her bridals- PERFECTION. Danielle suggested still going on with the shoot even though there was a chance of rain- she knew we would be able to shoot inside and that she could bring lighting to make it work if we needed. She also knew that 910 Mock House had a covered porch we could use to get some natural light if it was too rainy to get outside. Danielle's knowledge about the venue, weather, lighting and over all style absolutely put myself and Brittany at ease. 

It is so important to trust what your photographer is telling you! I mean after all I think these are some of the most stunning bridals we've ever gotten back. And when the rain eased and Danielle took her outside...I mean (insert all the heart eyes) !!!  


Brittany's incredible vendors for this shoot:

VENUE: 910 Mock House (ran by  http://leftlanepro.com/)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Danielle Flake Photography (http://danielleflake.com/)

HAIR: Cat Brockway (http://www.localhoneysalon.com/)

MAKEUP: Face Forward

DRESS: Bellissima (http://www.bellissimabrides.com/)






Boho Baby On The Way

When one of your favorite vendor friends calls you and asks if you'll glam her up for her baby shower you answer YES! And then when she starts telling you all the plans and details and you start thanking your stars that they asked you to be a part of it because you know its about to be the prettiest baby shower you've ever laid your eyes on!

Rebecca has a sweet little boy named Raleigh already and now her and her husband have said hello to another sweet boy- Oliver! I love getting to watch this family and all their adventures on instagram! But when I first spoke with Rebecca about her plans for the shower she said she really regretted not having a photographer at Raleigh's shower. Now I know that not every expecting mom in the world considers having a photographer capture the baby shower. But I'm telling you it was magic! Plus Rebecca is on WinMock's event team, and in the event world we LOVE photographers! I'm so glad Rebecca decided to go out of the norm for her shower! (Didn't The Keen Bee kill the calligraphy mirror?)

Speaking of being in the event world- we love to use our vendor friends, and we love to stage a great scene for guests to walk into! Caroline Cash, over at The Prettiest Pieces absolutely NAILED this soft seating arrangement. Not only does it make a statement in the Granary but it also just makes the room sooo cozy and when you're surrounded by your closest friends and family you want it to feel cozy and comfy!

The Green Bee never ceases to amaze me, constantly out doing themselves and upping their creativity game! Has there ever been anything more perfectly made for a boho momma and her babe? Holy boho dreams! 

Lets add to the boho dreams! A crown braid, strong brows, pink cheeks, and a smile you can't hide! A crown braid is soooo Rebecca, I wasn't at all surprised when she told me she wanted to wear one for the day of and man did she make it look good! There is something so special about having your own style and man she does!

Lets not forget the food! Because lets be real mommas gotta eat, and so do mommas friends! Providence Catering helped create the perfect menu, light and tasty! OH and the cake! Let's not forget the cake because what baby shower is complete without C A K E ! This sweet naked cake with blackberries was the perfect ending touch!

This shower was so fun to be a part of but it doesn't even come close to how wonderful it will be for Rebecca to now have TWO boys creating memories together! I am so excited to see sweet Oliver and watch his life unfold! Congrats sweet momma!!



** I have to brag on J & A Photo for a minute, they are responsible for everyone of these incredible photos and memories.  The talent that Jo has is incredible! She also did Rebecca's family session that is featured on our website!

Mary or Martha

Here comes a personal post! Just a warning, ya know, in case you're just wanting pretty pictures and beauty tips. This isn't one of those posts.

I love to write about the business and the beauty tips and I love love love sharing the incredible photographers who capture all of our events. But then sometimes I just have this strong desire to share my heart with yall. After all I can't preach about how I want to create this "Face Forward Family" and not be honest with yall like my family- so here goes nothing!

There has been a story in the bible that has always confused me and until this last season of life I have NEVER understood it. I mean to my core it has caused some serious doubts in my faith! 

The story: Mary and Martha! Oh the title of this post gave that away? Yeah should've known! We find this story in Luke 10:38-42. It starts out talking about Jesus coming to a village and a woman named Martha invited Jesus to come into her home. Then comes Mary, Martha's sister, it tells us that Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to Him teach. But ol' Martha is running around the house making preparations- now I like to imagine a scene when I read the bible otherwise I get sleepy and well you know how that goes- so in my head I can see it. They're in Martha's house- like JESUS is in her house! Probably sitting all casual in the living room and hes teaching, and I can see it Martha is rummaging through the fridge trying to find something to feed Jesus with, going through cabinets trying to find her best plates, tidying up here and there all while juggling the food, the dishes and being a wonderful host. 

Now I was raised in the South, my momma and my grandmother have taught me how to be a good hostess with the best of them! But there aint NOTHING like running around like crazy to make the house look great, food come out at the same time AND then you look around and ya sister -enter any family member- is sitting in the living room not doing a DANG thing! OH HECK NO! Let me tell you my sass hits a whole nother level when that happens! In the story Martha goes to Jesus and says "Do you not care that my sister has left me alone to do all this? Tell her to help me." NOW this is where my world turns upside down! Jesus tells her "Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken from her."

NOW HOLD THE PHONE! - Excuse me- what had you said?? Yeah! This is the part where I told you this really shook up my faith- and I'm talking for years! Jesus- what do you mean that my sister is the good one when she is in there not doing a thing leaving me here to do all the work for YOU! -side note: Me and the Lord have a very sassy re pore, He created me, He knows me, He still loves me, we're working on my reactions to things- 

Not until this past season of my life, when God gave me a very SWEET friend did I learn what this whole story was about! See this whole time I was seeing it as God shaking His finger at me for doing what I thought was good. But I HAD IT ALL WRONG! He wasn't telling me I was a horrible person for wanting to give God my best, He was telling me all I want from you is to come before me, humble yourself, and be in my presence. See when we're rushing all around we can't truly be present. Our eyes are looking forward toward whats next, but God just wants us to sit and look at where we are, to look up at Him and know that He has the next step taken care of. 

OOOO yall I could really start preaching on this one! If yall have been keeping up with me on Instagram then you know God has placed a desire on my heart to be less busy and more present. And this story is where it all started! There will always be preparations that need to be made for anything good in life but knowing where those stop and where being present, and sitting in enjoyment and being still start, WHEW yall its hard. How many stories have we misread in the bible? I've been reading this one all wrong for years! 

My sweet friend I referred to above- that's Erika- and if you've ever been to Piedmont Chapel, she probably greeted you with a big smile, coffee in hand, and told you she was so glad you are here! And she meant it! She leads our Guest Experience team, but she serves out of complete passion and not requirement. When she smiles and tells you welcome home- she means it. I serve under her on our team. And one day she said something to me that hit home so hard I went to the bathroom and cried, she said "Today I just want to be Mary, present and sitting at the feet of Jesus." WHEW! Yall! (She got me- which is not unusual, shes my friend who gives advice that hits straight to the heart!) But when you serve on Sunday there are SO many preparations to be done, especially in a mobile church like PC. But somehow Erika knows the line! Prep. Prep. Prep. STOP> Be Present.> Watch God> Hear Him First. 

My natural desire is to do, do, do, and then do some more. But now all I want to do is stop, be still, listen. I don't want to miss "the good portion" I don't want to miss out on deep connections with the people around me or with God. So my constant prayer has been, "God let me be Mary, give me a spirit like Mary, to just sit and be ready to meet You. Provide me with people who have this spirit to show me how to live like this."

So here's to learning and growing friends! I would love to hear what God is laying on your hearts right now in life!


29 and OH SO FINE!

I have so much to say, so many things I want to get out but let me start by telling you that today is my sisters 29th BIRTHDAY!! 

Birthdays are a big deal in our family, from the time I was a babe my mom has ALWAYS made sure we knew our birthdays were special- I'm not sure if its because shes a holiday baby (Christmas Eve) or because she just knows that sometimes in this big world you need to feel valued and special, but either way I am so grateful she instilled this in us! After all, without your birthday you wouldn't be here!!


So let me talk to my sister for a minute- since its her day and all!

Sarah- I am so glad God chose me to be your little brat baby. You know I have never taken that role lightly! I made sure to keep you grounded, what with all the annoying I did to you and still do to you today! People constantly tell us how sassy the Wilkerson sisters can get and let me be quite clear I picked that up from you! You trained me well! I love us! There was a time when I think Mom thought we would murder each other and people told us you'll grow out of it, one day she'll be your best friend. I did not believe them..but then.. some how- I think with a little guidance, grace and perspective it happened, the fighting slowed down and we met on equal fields. Respecting that we are different in so many ways yet our hearts are the same. 


I am so proud of you sweet sister! You have chosen your own path, you forged ahead even when life knocked you down. You picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and decided to fight for the life you wanted! If you had told me that a year ago we would both make decisions that would drastically change our future within 6 months of each other I would have told you, you were crazy! But here we are. standing. two feet on the ground. hand in hand. figuring out this new future together. 

2013-10-26 11.29.08.jpg

We've hashtagged this quote for quite sometime now but its true all the way down to the core. "You keep me wild, and I'll keep you safe" That's my line and yours is the opposite. You've always reminded me to live life to the fullest, to take risks, to remember I'm not promised tomorrow and that if I always play it safe I'll never have any good stories to tell later in life. Yours has always been "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild" And oh sweet sister have there been a time or two I've had to remind you that sometimes risks are too risky and sometimes you can't do something to insure you get a tomorrow. What a funny saying for two sisters to have. But what a perfect balance! I rarely get to tell you how wonderful I think that balance is! I am so grateful to have someone in my life that reminds me to laugh, to not take myself too seriously and to keep me humble. You will always be my piece of humble pie and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Your 29. TWENTY NINE, and oh so fine! Over the last year or so I have watched you come into your own! Gaining new confidences, accepting and seeking out new opportunities and honestly loving life. And I love that! This year holds 365 days to make new memories, new opportunities and new adventures. Never forget that tomorrow holds new hope, and another chance to get it right! I can't give but so much wisdom since I'm the baby but I hope you know my bed is always open for early morning conversations and late night movies. Wine and pizza dates, and always for champagne celebrations! I'm here to the end!


iphone aug 12 053.JPG

P.S. For those of you reading this I have a HILARIOUS story for you! Years ago, and I mean YEARS AGO Sarah and I decided we needed to be "blood sisters" now I warn you there may have been alcohol involved in this story, and by may have been I mean there definitely was. But we decided we needed a YAYA sisterhood moment. So Sarah and I decide this has to happen, we have to be blood sisters, so she starts rummaging through her closet and pops up with a box cutter- out of a tool box our dad got her, for her new apartment (don't think that was the purpose he had in mind) and now that I think about it I'm not sure why we didn't just use a knife from the butcher block in the kitchen but a box cutter was what we used. We split our palms open and stood hand in hand, feeling so proud and empowered. Blood sisters. No one could take that from us. 

Let me be VERY CLEAR. Sarah and I are blood sisters NATURALLY.

HAHAHAHAHAHA I will never not laugh about this story. We were so serious- life couldn't go on if we didn't do this. It was that serious! 

HAPPY 29th SWEET SARAH! I love you the best!

2013-08-19 23.32.42.jpg

Muffins, Mimosas, and Marriage, OH MY!

I love a good alliteration, how else could I title the blog post of the sweetest little brunch wedding?! 

I LOVE brunch its absolutely my favorite! It means you can sleep in and still get breakfast. You can have lunch AND breakfast. I mean I just can't tell you how much I love the concept! The only meal I like more is breakfast for supper ---- Okay, Okay I'll stop! But can you tell I like breakfast?! After all it is the most important meal of the day ;) So when sweet Jennifer reached out to me needing hair and makeup for her MONDAY brunch wedding at one of my favorite venues you better believe I jumped at the opportunity! 

These two said I do at The Highgrove Estate! We found this venue a little over a year ago and instantly fell in love! Its tucked away in Fuquay Varina, NC and offers an out door/indoor ceremony and reception space that creates an intimate environment for the couple and their loved ones! This estate is seriously on my crush list, anything that can be described as "tucked away" will make my list! But seriously a wooden swing out front #allthehearteyes and what better way to start a Monday than saying "I Do" to the love of your life?!?!?!

The sweet little details of a wedding day are what make each wedding different and unique, and these details seriously made my heart leap! A blush tea-time dress, shoes to match! And EVERY wedding including a brunch wedding, needs a cake!

hair and makeup morning wedding

Kelsey, of Kelsey Nelson Photography, captured Jenn and Charles so well! Sneaking them away from the party to snuggle on a couch, pose with their pup and a little swing session action made for the most romantic photos. Kelsey captured their first dance, first kiss and their love for one another PERFECTLY!

Are you hungry yet? If not you should be!! I love that the Highgrove provides their brides with a champagne bar and yummy snacks while you get ready! And don't get me started on that omelet station- my mouth is already watering! The Highgrove did all the catering for this wedding day!

brunch wedding

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day incredible!

Highgrove Estate, Kelsey Nelson Photography, Flowers on Broad Street, and Sweet Memories Bakery 

You can also find Kelsey's post for their wedding HERE!

Historical Home Photo shoot

 If you've read any part of our blog or any of our instagram posts then you know that we are all about creativity in any form! And this photo shoot was PURE magic. If you yourself are creative than you've had those moments where something happens in front of your eyes that just steals your breath, makes you stop and take the moment in. Capture it in your mind so you can replay it over and over. This shoot was that for us. The candles, the furniture, the greenery, the hair and makeup, Danielle carefully staging each photo. It was truly breath taking. This home has such an edge to it, an unspoken history. And as the sun set and the wind blew cold through the window sills it was almost eerie how beautifully this shoot came together!

Thank you so much to the vendors who helped pull this shoot off!

Photography: Danielle Flake Photography

Florals & Planing: Left Lane Productions

Rentals: The Prettiest Pieces

Dress and Veil: Lasting Impressions

Cake: Cake and All Things Yummy

Film Processing Lab: Photovisions Prints

Hair and Makeup: Face Forward Hair and Makeup Design


An Open Apology To Our Brides

It's 2017.  We're officially a month in.  And as Brooke and I have looked back over the year both in work and in our lives, we realize it has been an incredible year. But we also own our mistakes that may have been made, in both work and our personal lives. I want this letter to you our brides to be authentic and real and vulnerable. I have typed and deleted and typed and deleted this post, because well its not easy to admit our short comings. This is an open apology - from me, the owner, Lindsey.

To the brides who make my dream a reality-

I am so sorry- see in the last couple months we have had three reviews come back, expressing that their interactions with me weren't up to par, that it took me too long to get back to them and that communication wasn't what they expected. For this I will never be able to say I am sorry enough. 

See we are growing sooo fast as a company. We're four years in and doing sooooo good! In 2016, we booked 61 brides! Twenty more that we had ever done in a year! And while I am super proud of that number I also have some confessions to make. I never knew we would hit 60. I also equally didn't manage that number like I should have. We probably should have only done around 50, but I hate telling brides no, and quite honestly I love working so I kept taking brides. 

61 brides. 61 bridal accounts. 61 day of schedules to make. A little less than 61 trial runs to schedule. Add on engagement sessions, boudoir sessions. 61+ consults. Countless emails and details to remember. And I admit I got a little lost in it all! And I say now I AM SORRY. Truly, deeply sorry. I wasn't prepared to grow this fast. I have been told over and over from business owners to control your growth and I thought I was until those reviews came in. Then I was sitting at my desk in tears, realizing that while I thought we were doing so well, we let down the most important people - our brides. And people have told me don't take it personally, its business. But as I have said hundreds of times on this blog. THIS is personal for us. 

And while I can't go back and change your experience with us I can own my mistakes say I'm sorry and make moves to prevent it from happening with another bride!

So here are the changes we will be making at Face Forward to insure everyone feels like the communication is being improved and is under control.

New office hours- One of my goals this year is to improve my work/life balance. Too many times I stay late working on emails or projects. Too many times I miss family events, vacations and times with friends for work. But I also love what I do and value it so BALANCE is key. What most brides don't understand is while I am in the office during the week, I am also out in the field doing trials and consults, taking classes to learn more, and networking with other vendors to make what we offer even better for brides.

Mondays- The office will be closed, no emails, calls or appointments. This gives me time to relax and recoup from weddings, weddings take a lot out of you and I need time to get back to normal.

Tuesday-Friday- I  will be in the office available for calls, emails and scheduling from 8-12.

*Tuesday evenings will be available for after work consults.

**Thursday and Friday afternoons will be available for trial runs and bridal portraits.

*** If we do not have trials, portraits or consults I will be in the office until 5 on Tues, Wed, & Thurs. and until 2 on Fridays to get ready for weddings.

Saturday & Sunday- Our weekends are reserved for weddings only, and because we work onsite we are not available for calls, emails,or appointments. Brides who are within two weeks of their wedding have my cell phone number and can get a hold of me even on the weekends.

Don't worry we will remind you of these schedules with away messages on our email so that you know when to expect a response!

I also want to be very honest with y'all that I do NOT keep my work email on my phone. I used to but I realized I was on my email 24/7 and that is not healthy. I literally would wake up at 2 AM answer some emails and go back to bed. So I took them off my phone. That way I have to sit down at my desk and be completely focused on you and our conversations! While sometimes that means it takes me a little longer to get back to you it also means better responses and full attention for you, which you deserve!

We are also changing up the way we do our client files- nothing you need to worry about but it will help us to keep up with your day of details a little better!

The biggest thing we are doing this year is lowering the number of weddings we are going to take. This past year I went full time with company, and I was so scared of being broke or not making it that I took every bride that came our way and that is not who we are. We want to work with brides who share our style and whose heart we have a connection with, we want brides who turn into family. We are choosing to believe that if we do our part in trying to balance work and life, that God will also equally bless the business. We want Him to be at the center of the decisions we make regarding the company in 2017. Brooke and I both feel complete peace about the decision to not only focus and make goals for work but to make goals in our personal life and help each other reach them. This is about so much more than a company and dollar signs, its about hearts. Yours, Mine and every bride we work with. 

And from my heart to yours. I am sorry. And I will do better.



So You Went to a Wedding Show...

So you went to a wedding show..........now what.

Well if I'm a good guesser it is probably one of 3 situations;

1. You went to the show looking for one or two specific vendors to finish wedding planning in which case you found them and are feeling super successful and accomplished! Good for you, pat yourself on the back and go kick back on the couch with a glass of wine! You earned it girlfriend!

2. You are one of those brides that went to the show because you are super excited about being engaged but you don't even have a venue or date yet so really you were having mindless conversations but not really getting any where.....NOW here me when I say there is nothing wrong with that! Next Step- getcha a venue girlfriend and then go to another show! They are wayy more fun when there is real possibility!

OR 3. You have a venue, date and maybe a few other vendors but more than anything you need to make decisions and figure out how to make your dreams a reality....which probably means your slightly freaking out because you talked to EVERYONE, got over loaded on information and are now having a slight panic attack.......THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU FRIEND!!! Grab a brown paper bag and a seat- I've got your back boo!

First thing first. BREATHE. You are gonna be just fine!

Most people will tell you to start with the big things! And I agree but I also agree with starting with the things that are most important to you! IF the cake is extremely important then start there! Because if it is important to you and your fifi (what I like to call a fiance) then you want to make sure you get the vendor you LOVE!

So find a seat on the floor and spread out all those brochures and information sheets and probably grab that brown paper back and take another deep breath. Pick out the important categories to you! Then test yourself see who you remember! Typically the vendors you remember are the ones you had great connections with. START THERE. Get in touch with them, set up consults or whatever their next step is. When you complete that category go to the next! 


If you meet with a vendor you love and trust ask them who they recommend for the other categories you still need to book- chances are you will love them too! Vendors tend to kinda run in packs, they have other people who work like them and who mesh well. Vendors who mesh well make for a seamless wedding day! 

Take it one category at a time. Breathe deep. Check one item off the list at a time. When you mark one off revisit your brochures and pick the next. Its a progression. It will all come together! I promise. And if you get to a category where you don't have any information or you don't have a good connection with a vendor than find another show to go to. OR hop over to theknot.com or WeddingWire.com where you can search vendors in every category (kind of like an online wedding show!)

Bottom line. Deep breath sweet babe, we are here to help you plan your wedding. One step at a time.

We truly hope this helped our over whelmed nearly weds! Are you a past bride with advice for a soon to be bride on not getting overwhelmed? Please comment your advice below!



A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Ever since the snow started to fall I have been reminiscing about sweet Amanda's wedding last January! I can't believe it has almost been a year! She wanted a winter fairy tale wedding and by goly that is what she got! The week leading up to the wedding I watched the news in worry that we wouldn't be able to get to the wedding. The storm was supposed to come in hard on Thursday night/ Friday morning and her wedding was on Sunday. She was saying "I do" in Henderson, NC and truly I wasn't sure we were gonna make it. But every time I called Amanda to update her and reassure her that we were going to do everything we could to make it there she was just as cool as a cucumber! We ended up digging out my car on Saturday and driving in the night before!

See her and her fiance, and her mom and dad knew what was important. The vows. The commitment. Sure, she wanted all of their friends and family there and she wanted things to go off without a hitch but at the end of the day if she got to marry Will nothing else mattered! Now that's a love story. But she got it. Snow, Family, Friends, and the love of her life, Will.

winter bride and groom

She got it all. She got her dream! It was incredible to watch her vendors come in one by one, making the day happen. Only one of her vendors was from Henderson, the rest of us came in from Raleigh, Greensboro, and even Wilmington! But we got there! OH And her dad! THAT MAN IS A SAINT! If Amanda needed it, he made it happen. If her mother needed something, he made it happen. When we said we would have to come in a night early, "No problem it's taken care of" And all with a smile on his face. Chick Fil A on a Sunday? NO PROBLEM! That's right when your daughter wants Chick Fil A on her wedding day you make it happen. PS. It doesn't hurt that they own one ;) 

Snow day wedding

When Brooke and I left we couldn't stop talking about what a genuine couple they were, how in love they were and what an INCREDIBLE family we got to be a part of for the day! We truly felt at home with this entire bridal party! And we love reminiscing through their wedding day!

Happy Almost Anniversary you two! We truly hope it has been the best year of your lives!


My Winter Bucket List

With the first snow on the horizon I thought this was the perfect little post! I've always wished we got snow at Christmas so I could do the whole hot cocoa by the fire while I watch Christmas movies thing but the problem with that is we never have snow by Christmas and my mother is super against fire place fires. Ha! But I definitely have a bucket list ready just in case the snowpocalypse happens this weekend.

1. HOT CHOCOLATE! It's like the first thing I do when I wake up and see snow, and this Christmas a sweet friend introduced me to crock pot hot chocolate and man oh man its good. So snow or no snow that will be a thing this weekend.

2. Go for a wintery walk! That's right just a walk, we'll get to the whole building a snow man thing later but this ones just a walk. I LOVE snow so to walk and just see white for as far as you can see is pure bliss for my soul.

3. Sit by the fire. YES while my mother doesn't do fire (where we always spend snow days) my next door neighbor will usually start a bin fire in his driveway. 

4. Build a snowman, or just throw snowballs at your sisters. It never fails that my oldest sister will want to have a sleepover when the snow comes rolling in. We always attempt a snowman but she ends up just throwing snow at me while I build. haha!

5. Read in my pjs! Mmmm a perfect snowy afternoon, your clothes are in the dryer from going out in the snow so its the perfect time to grab your jammies and a big blanket and curl up with a good book! 

6. Beat my mother at cards! In our family we play cards, and a lot of them! I'll never forget when I was in high school we had a huge snow storm that took the power out for days and me and my mom and my sister played cards for hours, it was too cold to really do anything so we just played and kept a running score! Cards always equal great memories for our family!

7. Watch the kids sled behind the house! Our house backs up to a huge neighborhood hill where all the kids come out to sled. Its so fun, growing up mom would have to drag us off the hill to come in and eat and get warm. I don't sled anymore because of my back (OLD WOMAN STATUS) but I love to sit and watch the four little girls next door as the run up the hill and sled back down.

So there you have it, my bucket list for the snowpocalypse! I would love to know what your favorite things are to do on a snow day!!

Hello January!

December is ending and January is coming in hot!!

I truly can't believe that 2016 is almost over, like where the heck did the time go? We've had so many good things happen! We have been a part of 61 weddings this year! (Our goal was 50!!) We have been a part of 58 portrait/trial sessions, 9 style shoots with incredible vendors, and 28 other shoots- including engagements, boudoir, family and maternity sessions! We are truly blessed on the business side! We have had incredible brides welcome us into their family, and we've gained some as friends along the way! Brooke and I truly can't believe how good 2016 was to us!

Speaking of gaining friends, we also gained family! Brooke is ENGAGED! We've already started calling Ike Mr. Face Forward!! HA! I also gained a sweet nephew, Finn Ryan Ross! And one of Brooke's new niece's gained a new kidney! I'm telling you, God IS good!! He's good yall! He's just good! He has answered so many prayers this year and not always in the ways we thought! We have two new artists that are joining the team in 2017 and I can not wait to introduce you to them in the first blog of the year, so be on the look out for that! 

We are in the process of tracking down all of our brides photos from throughout the year so that we can begin sharing all our 2016 memories while we make new ones in 2017! We truly truly hope that 2016 was wonderful for you and yours, but if not just wait a couple more days and it'll be 2017!!!

Happy New Years (almost) Y'all!

December's TOP Beauty Picks!

It is almost the end of the month and I wanted to take sometime and review a few of my new favorite beauty products! I am hoping that this will become a new norm! So here are a few products I LOVE and one I could live without!

LIPSTICK! So lipstick is new for me- I've never really been much of a lipstick girl maybe a tinted chapstick or gloss if I'm feeling really fancy. But, lately I've really been branching out on my sticks and shades. My ABSOLUTE fav right now is Urban Decay, BRAT! I found it on thesmallthingsblog and decided to try it out. It's the perfect little pink lipstick!!

Exfoliation! I have the weirdest skin on the planet- seriously..it's dumb. One second I'm super oily, the next I'm dry but what keeps me normal is making sure I exfoliate once a week! I received a new one in my Ipsy bag last month by Peter Lamas and the best part it smells like PUMPKIN #basicwhitegirl It's a great balance of rough to exfoliate and smooth to hydrate definitely check it out! 

Tools! The hot tools CURLBAR! I cannot say enough good things about the curl bar, I am working on a full length video review about this new tool I just haven't quite gotten it finished! It's amazingly designed to save your shoulders and arms while you curl your hair!

DRY SHAMPOO! oh dry shampoo! There are two things in this lifethat I can't talk about enough- 1. Champagne and 2. DRY SHAMPOO hahaha- but seriously! Recently, Brooke and I were at a wedding and a bridesmaid was asking how often we use dry shampoo, and why we use dry shampoo and it cracked me up because we both confessed to using dry shampoo on CLEAN hair! But it just gives such great texture to your root area when you have fine/soft hair. When your hair is dirty it absorbs all that oil and gives lift to your roots! Its all in all a miracle.

I just tried a new dry shampoo by Kenra, yall I LOVE Kenras products they're amazing! But, I wasn't impressed with their dry shampoo in the least. I actually threw away a half used bottle because well whats the point in keeping it if I hate it! However, I just got news today that they have released a new dry shampoo (guess they hated it too) you can bet your butt I will be getting my hands on the new one to try! So what brand do I like?  EIME DRY ME it's great! Gives you texture and body at the root, while absorbing oil and it gives me a little color help with my roots (definitely for blondes)

beauty reviews

So there it is! My top products for this month! 

My Skincare Routine!

Most people don't know that I went to school for esthetics before I went for hair! Esthetics is the study of skincare! AND I LOVED IT!!!! In high school I could never get my skin under control, constant breakouts, constantly feeling like crap about how I looked, and my skin had this weird look and color to it - it was so dull and splotchy. I HATED IT! I had tried every product the dermatologist threw at me and all it did was leave my skin burned up and so sensitive it hurt if the wind blew! Then I found an esthetician! She changed my whole world, that and getting my celiac diagnosis.

Down the road we figured out that I suffer from hormonal and digestive acne. Hear me when I say that MOST women struggle with hormonal acne at one point or another in their life. Maybe when their teenagers, maybe during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, or like me every month because our stupid hormones are constantly up and down. Digestive acne is just that- acne that comes from what you're eating or whats going on in your digestive track. (ps digestive acne isn't a medical term it just makes sense to me lol) Let's talk about how you can know whats going on with your acne/breakouts.

This is not my picture, found on pinterest!

This is not my picture, found on pinterest!

So lets recap this a bit:

Upper Forehead: Digestive System, and Bladder- in my experience this area is more about junk food than digestive disorders. Too much sugar, or fried foods, too much junk and this area will start to breakout. More veggies, fruits and lots of water will typically clear this right out.

Between the Eyebrows: This is typically an area for the liver, too much alcohol and boom all the little bumpies. Time to detox with lots of water! This is also an area that's affected from stress (bc people like to rub their brows when stressed)

Lower Cheeks/Gums: I used to suffer with this because of Tartar in toothpaste! I get ulcers really bad (sign of celiac) and tartar in toothpaste can cause issues here as well as unhealthy dental practices! Brush them teeth ladies ;)

Sides of Chin/Jawline: Hormonal Imbalance! BOOM now were getting somewhere! Is it your time of the month? Do you have an imbalance? Is something going on you don't know about? This is how I got diagnosed with PCOS, a hormonal issue that leaves your body unable to make eggs. I could not get this area clear and my dermatologist suggested lets check your hormone levels! It could just be once a month around your time! To clear this all you can do is get the imbalance under control.

Center of Chin: Intestinal issues/Stomach! DING DING DING WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! This was the heart of my celiac issues, my intestinal track was so messed up I couldn't get a handle on this one! Not until I was diagnosed and started controlling it, but it still flares like crazy!

Last but not least, 

Neck and Chest: Illness and infection, every time I get a sinus infection boom chest break out, but this one got me diagnosed as well.

NOW with all breakouts please know its not just these things, this chart is for on going suffering of acne. Your brows could breakout because you rub your brow area when your up working late and stressed. Your jawline may break out because you rest your jawline on your hand while sitting at your desk. There are all kinds of reasons! So lets talk about SKINCARE! My favorite thing and a very underappreciated thing!

Tomorrow I will post on FOUR different skin types and the best products for your skin type! 

But today lets talk about my new regimen for hormonal acne and digestive acne! Check out this video of me doing my thing!



Anything but the guest list!!!

So as a newly engaged lady, everyone's favorite question is, "How's the wedding planning coming along?" And I'm proud to say I've got this whole planning a wedding thing down! -or so I like to think! I'm a planner by nature so I got right to it once he popped the question. I knew immediately which venue I wanted, I knew who would be doing my hair and makeup (obviously a priority for a hair stylist), I've been in love with a certain videographer for over a year now - so it was just a matter of booking them. I began to look at dresses for my bridal party and suits for the guys, I knew the caterer and what kind of flowers I wanted, even what Starbucks drink I want on my wedding day!

But if I'm honest, it's all just to avoid the guest list.  

Now I know all of you who aren't planning a wedding are probably thinking the guest list should be first on my list of things to get done. You're probably right. 

But I think I speak for anyone planning a wedding, we would do anything to get out of doing the guest list.  

My fiancé and I have come up with quite the list of things we'd rather do.... First, movies! Movies seem to be our go to distraction. We sit down after a long day of working all ready to conquer this list of our loved ones and we end up halfway through a movie... Oops. At that point, do you really expect us to stop the movie for a guest list? Obviously not.

Our next favorite is snapchat filters! I'm not sure what we did before these because I don't think I've laughed myself into tears more over anything else. Face swapping probably shouldn't be something we're able to do. It's hideous. But since we can, we will! Especially before the guest list.

We've even torn a wall down at our future house instead of finishing this list. We've taken out carpet, painted walls, cleaned up the yard. All things that don't really need to be done before a guest list, but I will tell you, ripping a wall out is a whole lot more fun!

Eventually we started adding names here and there and pretty much had it done.......and then came.....getting their addresses. I'm telling you it's the worst! Thankfully we used www.weddingwire.com to help us out! Wedding Wire is a wedding planning site for brides and grooms, you can search vendors, get reviews, and keep all your planning details in one place. And they have a great section to help you plan the guest list and keep addresses and contact information. It has saved our lives, I can't imagine keeping up with this list by pen and paper...NO THANK YOU!

Our goal was to get the guest list finished in time to get our save the dates out, and as a reward we got to do engagement pictures and buy a fancy stamp with our names on it! 

Stay tuned to Bride-to-Bride and find out how we're doing with wedding plans and picking out vendors!


More Blessed than Lucky,



A Sweet Baby Boy Is On The Way!

My sweet sister, Hillary, and brother in law, Anthony, are pregnant! And if you follow us on social media then you already know this! But with their due date just around the corner its only fitting that we throw them a BABY SHOWER!!!!! My other sister, Sarah, my mother and myself put our heads together and began to plan! Of course, one of us wanted one theme, the other wanted another, so we just went with baby boy everything! Because at the end of the day its not about a theme its all about the fact that we are getting a sweet little squishy baby to call our own!

Ever since the second we found out we were getting a boy we've been buying all the things- onsies, bibs, toys, blankets, bottles, nursery decor...LITERALLY ALL THE THINGS! The nursery theme is dinosaurs so naturally anytime we found anything with a dino on it we bought it (we found A LOT more dinos than we expected)! At the same time we knew we somehow wanted to tie in books to the shower since Hill and Anthony are both English teachers! We had Pam Baldwin with Paperclutch design the PERFECT shower invites, she made us a sweet little card to put with the invites asking guests to bring a book instead of a card! It was a wonderful addition to our shower!

My mom is the queen of diaper wreaths and our sweet bib was made by  SarahPaisley's

My mom is the queen of diaper wreaths and our sweet bib was made by SarahPaisley's

We set our menu and Sarah and I got to thinking about books that went along with each dish. Chicken Salad Croissants with the book Henny Penny, Pasta Salad with the book Streganona, Vegetable cups with The Tale of Peter Rabbit, fruit skewers with The Hungry Caterpillar, Meatballs with Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, hot ham sammies with Green Eggs and Ham and of course our cupcakes with If You Give A Cat a Cupcake! 

Maternity photos by  Blush Carolina  and Cake & Cupcakes are by  Sweet Meg's Bakery

Maternity photos by Blush Carolina and Cake & Cupcakes are by Sweet Meg's Bakery

So we sent the invites, planed and planed and planed, cleaned, decorated, wrapped gifts and waited for the guests and our momma-to-be to arrive!

Auntie Sarah, Hillary (momma-to-be), GiGi (my mom), and Lou Lou (me)!!

Auntie Sarah, Hillary (momma-to-be), GiGi (my mom), and Lou Lou (me)!!

Hillary was absolutely stunning in a fitted black maxi dress paired with a white flowered sash she made herself (a girl after my own heart)! We ate and talked and took pictures, decorated diapers and of course opened presents and ate cupcakes! 

Saturday was truly one of those days you just know you'll always remember! I will always remember the day we showered my sister and our sweet boy, Finn Ryan! I will cherish watching Hillary smiling from ear to ear as she opened each gift and read each card. She was absolutely radiant. I know people say that about pregnant women all the time but today I got it! She truly had a glow about her! She was overwhelmed by the love that people showed her and her new little family. I was overwhelmed by how many people she has in her life that love her and just want to be here for her during this time! 

It was a day full of love and happiness! It was a day full of family. It was a day full of promise. Promise of a bright future for our little boy, promise of the love and support that we will have for Finn, Hill and Anthony! And I couldn't more thrilled of how it all turned out!

Aunt WaWa (Hillary's best friend Laura) and Melody (Laura's mom)

Aunt WaWa (Hillary's best friend Laura) and Melody (Laura's mom)

Grandpa Grif got baby Finn his first UNC hat!

Grandpa Grif got baby Finn his first UNC hat!



Bride to Bride!

So if you follow us on instagram, facebook, or have seen us at all in the past three months then you know sweet, sweet Brooke is ENGAGED!!!! Let me tell you when I got the text from Brooke that Isaac had proposed I jumped up and down and squealed for about ten minutes straight and then I took a deep breath and sighed because well its just perfect. Brooke has met her one and now, the two shall become one! 

All Photos by Samantha Brooke

All Photos by Samantha Brooke

The best part, you ask? We are going to share her entire experience right here on the blog!! BRIDE TO BRIDE style! We'll cover things like their love story, and engagements (today's topic!!!) and we'll tell you guys all the goods about picking bridesmaids, and their dresses, picking a venue, photographer, videographer, caterer and so on! 100% full disclosure! But before I get ahead of myself let me tell you a little more about these two little love birds! I had Brooke send me her version and Isaac's version of how they met and fell in love and let me tell you- I've read it three times and cried about a billion times! 

Brooke and Isaac met at church. She had been going with her best friend Madison, she noticed that every time she went with her Isaac would make it a point to shake her hand and speak to her! He distinctly remembers sitting directly in front of her, one Sunday and finding it impossible to pay attention with such pretty eyes staring at the back of his head. So eventually, he asked her to get coffee, after realizing they both had a love for pumpkin spice! She walked into Starbucks to find a huge dimpled smile in a hat- being super relaxed per usual, and she walked in all dolled up per usual. They sat drank coffee and talked about anything and everything. Isaac was impressed that there was no awkward lull things just flowed. 

Photo by Samantha Brooke

Photo by Samantha Brooke

When they first started seeing each other Isaac was working out of town a lot so they had Skype dates, and Sundays together, but it didn't take long for Isaac to realize that Brooke was the one he'd been waiting and praying for. On April 7th, 2014 Brooke and Isaac had their last meal as single people they would ever have. Making breakfast for dinner and burning every piece of bacon they had, they spent the evening laughing and having fun together before officially starting to date. 

Photos by Samantha Brooke

Photos by Samantha Brooke

Next year on April 7th 2017, they will say I do and start their journey as husband and wife! I have watched these two grow so much just in the last year that I have known them. I've watched them pray for each other and for themselves to become better partners and nurtures for each other! I have watched them seek God above all else, and help each other grow in maturity and faith. And there is no where I would rather be on April 7th, 2017 than by their sides watching them say their vows! 

Photos by Samantha Brooke

Photos by Samantha Brooke

Here's what Isaac has to say about it! "Our relationship so far has been an amazing ride and is only a glimpse of what our future holds. We are not lucky to have each other.. we are very, very blessed!"

Photos by Samantha Brooke

Photos by Samantha Brooke

Does it get any better than finding the one whom your soul loves? I think not! Next up Brooke is going to share how her and Isaac rocked out the guest list! Check it out with us next week!



P.S. all these amazing photos are by Brookes sister in law check her out over at https://www.lifeandmessyhair.com/?m=1 


Moving Day!!

Today is the day...it's moving day!! I put exclamation points on the end of that because I am excited for what comes next but I cant even pretend that a part of my heart will never be the same.

Today I will pack up the all of my brushes and combs and my color, take pictures off the wall and lastly my license. I always knew this day would come, the day I would leave the salon. I originally went to beauty school to do updos and styling specifically for my bridal business but along the way I fell in love with cut and color. It was one more way I could transform hair, it was one more way I could help women feel gorgeous. My plan was to start looking at going full time with Face Forward after 5 years. It has been 3. But its here and its time. And I am going full time.

A little over a year ago, I walked into Dolce Vita Salon, I talked to the owner Mary and a few of the staff and decided it would be my new salon home! Little did I know they would become so much more than just coworkers, they are family! Every single person has taken me in and loved me, guided me and pushed me to where I am today. Salon life isn't always easy, its not always easy to find a solid salon where you can build your customer base as well as finding a staff whose not all gossip and stab you in the back but one that will help you build and help you grow in your career. Dolce Vita has done that for me! They changed the mold of the salon industry for me. This staff is incredible, they are also the reason why I embraced the "communityoversompetition" mindset so easily. There is no such thing as competition between the people I work with at the salon, they are all about building each other up and helping each other out!

I will miss my family at Dolce Vita but once someone is family there's no such thing as goodbye. I'm not going anywhere I will still come see my salon family, I will still be involved in their lives, after all we have 3 new babies coming into our salon!

I am so excited to be able to put my whole heart and all of my energy into Face Forward and our brides, I will miss my last chapter, I will miss my clients and my salon family, I will miss the hustle of the salon. But it is time for me to put everything I have into my sweet little dream. A sweet little dream which is not so little anymore! I have been making a list of things I want to do with Face Forward for a long time but never had the time to do because I am in the salon all day and with brides on the weekend and there was just never the time in the day. That is about to change.

I hope whether you are one of my salon family, my home family, one of my past clients or brides, or maybe just a facebook friend. I hope you will follow me through this journey! There is a lot coming up for Face Forward and for me as well and for Brooke Beane my wonderful second set of hands and I cant wait to see what will come of this next step for our community as well!!

I love you all and I am so thankful for your support!




It's Thursday again! And that means a #communityovercompetition post! Today is an emotional one and I will be honest the emotion took me by surprise! This week our Tuesday Together Triad chapter was featured on Fox 8! Unfortunately I could not make it to the session and was not included in the video - however my sweet lady friends were and its powerful!

The community around us got to see a little snippet of the amazing community that has been built for us creatives. We all treasure it and keep it close to our heart but we also want to share it! We want other creative business owners to know that there is a group out there who will welcome you and rise above the competitive mind set and come along side of you and help you. These women and men have soo much heart for each other, and for their brands and it pours out of them!

We get to laugh together and cry together, rejoice in each others happiest moments and remind each other of how powerful we are in our weakest moments! I am so glad that Fox 8 featured these amazing business owners! Check out the video below and see just what we're all about!

To my ladies who were there! You represented us well! Like always, you showed us your hearts, you talked about your passions so well and I for one am soooooo thankful I know each of you! The triad is a better place because of you AND your business!

P.S. I may have cried watching this video, I'm not sure if its because its been an emotional week or if its because I just absolutely LOVE this group!..either way it totally happened!

My cup runneth over!










2 Days, 9 New Friends, and 1 Month Later...

A month ago yesterday I hopped in the car and drove to Banner Elk, NC it was not the first time I've made that drive but it was the first time I had ever signed up to spend two and a half days with 9 complete strangers. It was our Tuesday Together groups first Retreat.

Tuesdays Together, is a local chapter of our bigger group The Rising Tide. You guys have heard me talk about both in past blog posts! The catch- I had never actually been to a Tuesdays Together meeting, they usually meet on Tuesday nights and unfortunately I'm usually at work until 7 or 8 on Tuesdays. But they put on our FB page that they were having a retreat and anyone was welcome to come. I didn't think twice I signed up, I paid my money and the day of the trip I packed a cooler full of food, a car full of everything but the kitchen sink, I typed the address into my GPS and up the mountain I went!

It wasn't until I hit Wilkesboro that I thought "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!" What were you thinking spending two days in the mountains with total strangers, What if they hate you, What if they kill you and pitch your body of the side of a mountain? -- Okay so maybe the last question was a little dramatic, but completely plausible.

All I knew was I had to go. I had to see if this retreat thing could make me more business friends, I had to see if I could grow from putting myself out there, and to be honest I loved the idea of hanging out with other business owners. I normally don't "feel" like a business owner, I watch all these small business owners around me stand with pride and confidence, they walk in the room, head held high, and you know "They do something great!" I hoped a little bit of that would rub off on me!

I wont go through the details of the trip other than to say I received some of the best education and insight from people who are genuine and open. We shared fears, mistakes, dreams, and life. We slept, and ate and learned together, and the bond that we share after two days in the mountains still blows my mind. So lets jump to a month later.

This past Tuesday night, one of the ladies from the retreat got in my car and we drove to Burlington, we walked into Sara-Ann Photographys's Studio and we met more business owners. Our entire meeting was on "Collaboration" how could our dreams involve the community and business owners around us. I sat in the back of that room and I looked around. There were a handful of girls in the room from the retreat-- and I knew their dreams! We had already shared them with each other! What they didn't know is that I have been dreaming bigger than ever since our trip! Some days I feel like my heart could bust at the seams I have so much I want to do! Again, we shared, we laughed, we dreamed and we shared life.

Now I don't know about you but for me sharing life with people is what I live for, the raw moments, the real moments, that's what you share with people and it connects you, it keeps you close. Without our retreat I would never have realized I could have that in my business world. In the business world your taught to stay professional, never cross a line, and keep it business not personal.....

Well my business is personal.

And now so are my business relationships; personal, rooted on laughter and life and being real. I can not wait to see where this new train of thought will take me or the business owners around me! 2 days, 9 new friends, and 1 month later and I am a better woman than I was before.

Tuesday Together group picture